Why Do You Want to Be a NICU Nurse?

Why Do You Want To Be a NICU Nurse

Working in the NICU can be one of the most rewarding jobs in a hospital. Many people love the idea of providing a sense of support and comfort to families.

Many people enjoy working with babies and helping to ensure that the baby gets the treatments that they need.

While NICU work is rewarding, it is also incredibly challenging.

NICU nurses will be working with some of the most vulnerable patients in one of the most difficult situations imaginable.

NICU nurses will be working closely with families who never would have imagined their child would need to be in the ICU. Only the strongest, best nurses can survive in the NICU.

Because of this, it is very common for interviewers to ask, ‘Why do you want to be a NICU nurse?’.

This question is designed to determine whether a person has the drive to succeed in the NICU and whether that person truly understands what will happen in the most challenging NICU wards.

If you head to an interview, then this is a question that you need to be prepared to answer, which is why we are going to give you some ideas on the best way to answer it. 

Why Do You Want To Be a NICU Nurse Answers

In this section, we want to give you five example answers to answering ‘Why do you want to be a NICU nurse?’.

We do encourage you to avoid committing these answers to memory. When you are in an interview, you want to let your personality shine through.

So, look at the general idea of each of these examples and come up with your own unique spin on them. 

Example 1.

I am looking to provide a source of comfort for families when they are at their most vulnerable. I know that when a young child is in the NICU, families will often struggle to gain access.

Sometimes, they feel as if they will not have all the answers they need. I want to provide families with the answers they require.

I want to be there to assure them that their child is in the safest possible hands, and I want to ensure that families know what is going on every step of the way.

The vast majority of the work that a NICU nurse does will be liaising with families. Many families cannot access their children while they are in critical care, which is understandable.

This answer demonstrates that the interviewee understands what one of their main roles will be. They are there to help families. 

Example 2.

I see working as a NICU nurse as one of the most rewarding opportunities in nursing. Working as a nurse for several years, I feel I have developed the skill set required to help infants through their most testing period.

I believe I have the talent and skills required to help infants tackle life-threatening conditions. I entered nursing because I have always wanted to help others.

This is the position where I believe I can help people the most. Not only will I be helping the young children, but also their families.

This example is about showing the interviewer that you have experience working in nursing.

It does highlight that you may not have necessarily worked in a NICU before, but it shows that you know what the job entails. It shows that you know that the skills that you have gained from working in a caring environment can be applicable to this new one.

Remember, interviewers want to see experience.  

Example 3.

I enjoy the daily challenges that working as a NICU nurse will bring. I thrive in environments where you need to work as a team.

I enjoy problem-solving, and I enjoy putting a plan into action. It is one of the reasons why I entered nursing as a whole. I have always wanted to come up with solutions to tackling serious health issues.

I enjoy working with a team to come up with potential treatment plans, and I enjoy helping to implement plans to speed up healing or ease suffering, in a patient. 

Being a NICU nurse isn’t just about implementing treatments, but it is about working as a problem solver. As a NICU nurse, you will be regularly consulting with doctors, specialists, and other NICU nurses.

Potential treatment options will be discussed. One of your roles is to provide the doctors and specialists with observations.

You may be asked to implement many of those treatments, and the information that you share can play a role in the health of the child.

This answer shows that you understand that you aren’t just there to be a caregiver. You will be working as part of a team and taking an active role in the health of the child.

NICU nurses need to know this because the way they work can have a huge impact on the health of the child. 

Example 4.

I want to provide children with the health support that they need during the early days of their lives.

I have been developing my skills for years as a nurse, and I believe the skills that I have acquired would be a good fit for the NICU department.

I understand what the role entails, and I enjoy working as a team, and I do enjoy talking to family members.

This is something I have been doing for a long time, and I believe all of these skills will benefit your NICU department. I can quickly be added to the team and get to work. 

This is an answer for current nurses that are looking to transition into NICU. It is about showing that you have transferable skills. 

Example 5.

I enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives. It is an area I have always excelled.

In the NICU, I know that every day, I will be having a positive impact on the lives of children.

I know that I will be having a positive impact on the family members who spend their days and nights waiting for health updates on their babies.

I want to witness that transformation over time. I want to see how the positive work that I, and the team of doctors and nurses, are benefitting the health of the baby.

This answer is about showing passion. Show that you are committed to improving people’s lives. That’s your job as a nurse, after all. 

How to Answer “Why Do You Want To Be a NICU Nurse”?

The key is to not overthink the answer to the question. Interviewers can see when you don’t have a passion for the job.

They understand that working in the NICU is a position that can break those that are unprepared. It is one of the worst NICU jobs due to the age of the patients that you are working with, plus the grieving families.

Sadly, a lot of people get into the NICU because it is one of the most stable nursing positions. Don’t.

When you answer the question, think about why you want to be a NICU nurse. What is it about the job that most attracts you?

Why do you feel that you would be a better fit for NICU than you would in any of the other nursing departments?

Talk from the heart. When you talk from the heart, show that you understand the job.

Show that you understand that the job is going to be incredibly hard to do. If you are able to show passion when you are speaking in the interview, then your chances of securing the job will go up.

Remember, we have given you example answers for ‘Why do you want to be a NICU nurse?’, but you are not expected to repeat these word-for-word, nor are you encouraged to.

Come up with your own unique answers. Inject personality. Expect to be questioned more about what you say. 

Conclusion: Why Do You Want to Be a Neonatal Nurse?

In conclusion, the role of a NICU nurse demands a unique blend of compassion, expertise, and adaptability.

By preparing for these five essential interview questions, aspiring NICU nurses can confidently showcase their dedication to providing exceptional care to the tiniest patients and their families.

Remember, each question offers an opportunity to highlight your skills and passion, ultimately leading you toward a rewarding and fulfilling career in neonatal nursing.

Best of luck for your upcoming interview!

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