Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech? 5 Answers

Why Do You Want To Be a Surgical Tech

Surgical tech positions are incredibly difficult positions to attain. As a surgical tech, your job is to be an extra pair of hands in surgery.

You are there to do whatever the doctors and nurses ask of you. The success of the surgery can hinge on the actions of the surgical tech.

Because surgical tech work requires close work with doctors and nurses, doctors want to know that they are recruiting somebody that they can work with.

A team player – One who knows the importance of their job but is always there to listen to what surgeons and other people are saying.

If a person cannot work in a team, they can never be a surgical tech.

To establish whether somebody has the right mind to become a surgical tech, one of the leading questions in any interview will be, ‘Why do you want to be a surgical tech?’.

Answering this question will demonstrate that you have knowledge about the role while also showing that you have the desired skill set.

Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech Answers

We are going to give you five example answers to ‘Why do you want to be a surgical tech’? You should not copy these ideas directly.

There is no sense in trying to remember them. Instead, they are to act as a guide for you to come up with your own answers.

Answers that have a bit more of your personality in them. After all, recruiters want to know who you are and what you can bring to the table.

1. example answer

Growing up, I wasn’t the healthiest of children. I had a condition that required several surgeries.

While going to the theater was terrifying, I knew that every time I had surgery scheduled, I would be in the safest hands.

This wasn’t just because of the surgeon. It was because of his team, each of whom took their time to talk to me and encourage me that I was going to be OK.

I am here today because of them. I want to become a surgical tech because I want to bring people the same joy and life that my surgical techs bought me.

While a surgical tech may just be a small role in the team, it is the one that I want to fill.

Sharing personal experiences about why you want to be a surgical tech is a great idea. Of course, don’t just make something up here.

You will likely be questioned more. However, try and relate a personal experience. If it isn’t about you, make it about another family member or even a friend.

Show you understand what a surgical tech does and the role it plays in helping somebody. 

2. example answer

I want to work as part of a team where the prime focus is to save lives every single day. I have always been a team player.

I know when to listen, and I know how to act on instructions. I can help to solve problems, but I know when listening to the leader is more important.

I know that the surgical tech isn’t the biggest role in surgery, but they do have an incredibly important job.

One that I want to fill. If I can play even the smallest role in saving somebody’s life, then I want to play it.

Surgical techs will never have a big role in the operating theater. You need to show this. You need to show that you are there as part of a team and that your job is to listen and act on instructions.

Remember, surgical techs require far fewer qualifications than doctors and nurses.

This answer demonstrates that you know you won’t be leading the charge, but you still have an important role to play in saving lives.

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3. example answer

I have always wanted to be in nursing. Ever since I was young, my dream job has been in healthcare.

As I was growing up, I realized I was a bit of an introvert. I realized that I would never be the nurse that would be forward-facing, talking to patients with a jovial expression every single day.

My talents are in ‘doing’. This didn’t deter me from nursing, and I wanted to research jobs that would be better suited to my skills.

I felt that a surgical tech was the perfect role for somebody like me. I could help people. I could ‘do’ the right thing to help, but I could do this while an introvert.

Although don’t get me wrong, I am happy to speak up when needed. I thrive in teams.

Many people become surgical techs because other types of healthcare are not for them. This isn’t because they don’t want to help others; it is because having that forward-facing role may not be for everybody.

For many, constant social contact like that can be draining.

This answer explains that you have the desire to help others, and you have the skills for it, but you want to do it in a slightly different way than your typical healthcare practitioner.

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4. example answer

I see becoming a surgical tech as a key starting point for my career. I have long-term aspirations in the world of surgery, and my ultimate goal is to become a surgical first assistant.

I crave being part of a team and creating positive healthcare outcomes. This is a field that I have, and always will be committed to.

Interviewers like to see the passion in employees.

It is always good to have aspirations in the same field and to understand the routes that being a surgical tech can take you.

When people desire to move up the career ladder, they are always going to be focusing on doing the best work that they can. 

5. example answers

I love the ever-evolving world of surgical tech.

I have always had a love for technology, and I am in awe of the latest advancements in surgical tech. I especially love the huge advancements in robotics, AI, and Smart Glasses.

I would love to work in a field where I can see how tech can change lives each and every day.

I believe that there is no greater time to get involved with surgery, especially when you love tech.

Being a surgical tech now is completely different from being a surgical tech a few years ago. Tech is advancing at a rapid rate, and it is pulling in a lot of people who have a love for that tech.

This answer shows that you have a passion and desire to use the tools that you have available to you.

That you are willing to learn and get through one of the fastest-changing times in surgical history.

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How to Answer Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech?

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can answer ‘Why do you want to be a surgical tech?’.

Remember, it is all about coming up with your own ideas.

Talk passionately, and you stand a much greater chance of securing a role.

Think of the following:

If you have, or know, somebody that has, experience in a surgical setting. This may be as a patient, or it may be because you worked there.

Talk about how these experiences have impacted your decision to get into the surgical tech field.

Talk about your love of technology and your desire to follow the latest trends in surgery tech. You may even want to highlight how you keep up to date with advancements in the scene.

Talk about how you crave working as a team. Surgical techs need to be team players.

If you have worked alongside doctors, nurses, and surgeons before, then say that. Show how working with them made you realize that it is great working as part of a life-saving team.

Honestly, this should be one of the simplest questions you can answer.

If you don’t know why you want to be a surgical tech, should you really be getting into that field?

Conclusion: Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech?

Answering ‘Why do you want to be a surgical tech’ shouldn’t be too difficult.

This is a job that is going to require a passion for saving people’s lives and working as a team. If you are able to portray that in any answer that you give, then it is a fantastic answer.

Talk about your goals and aspirations. Remember, being a surgical tech isn’t just a job; it is a way of life. 

Good luck with your upcoming interview!

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