Band 6 Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Band 6 nurse interview questions

A band 6 nurse needs to possess exemplary leadership skills as well as an affinity for specializing in a certain field of nursing.

Interviewers will look for candidates who have experience in the field and have taken steps toward proving themselves within a certain specialty.

To hold the title of a band 6 nurse you demonstrate your ability as a leader invested in nurses less experienced than you are as well as your interest in furthering your knowledge.

Band 6 nurses take on senior roles in addition to tending to the normal duties of a band 5 nurse.

To take on the extra responsibilities, interviewers will be looking for candidates who show that they can take initiative, be good mentors to other less experienced nurses, and continue their education.

Decisiveness and dedication are both qualities that are highly valued among candidates for a band 6 nurse position.

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In this article, we will review the seven common questions asked in an interview for a band 6 nurse position so that you can be well-prepared for your interview.

Band 6 Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

1. What makes you the best person for the band 6 nurse job?

This question is twofold – not only do interviewers want to know what qualities you possess but they also need to see that you have the confidence in yourself to present them.

Be honest about why you are qualified for the job but find the right balance between overconfidence and underselling yourself.

Example answer:

I would make an excellent band 6 nurse because I have years of experience as a band 5 nurse and have chosen a path to specialize in.

During my time as a band 5 nurse, I would mentor my fellow nurses and make sure that no one fell behind in their patient care.

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2. How would a band 6 nurse role set you apart from a band 5 nurse?

You need to know the difference between the duties of a band 5 nurse and a band 6 nurse because there are more responsibilities involved with a band 6 nurse position.

Interviewers want to make sure that you are aware of the distinctions as well as the things that will be asked of you as a band 6 nurse.

Example answer:

A band 6 nurse bears the same duties as a band 5 nurse in addition to playing a role in the management and leadership of the nurses on your team.

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Band 6 nurses also display a specialization in a specific field and must foster this commitment with continuous education.

3. How have you made an impact in your job?

This is a chance to brag a little about yourself and show your interviewer that you have what it takes to be a band 6 nurse.

Pick a time when you influenced your colleagues for the better or initiated improvements to the efficiency of your workplace.

Example answer:

When my previous place of work was struggling to find a way to schedule replacement nurses for those who couldn’t make their shifts, I was able to devise a rotational secondary shift schedule to help make sure that all shifts were covered.

4. Do you know the essential qualities of patient care?

In nursing, there are six important qualities known as the six C’s of healthcare that every good nurse should adhere to:

  • compassion,
  • communication,
  • competence,
  • commitment,
  • courage,
  • and care.

Interviewers need to be sure that the candidate they choose to hire as a band 6 nurse exemplifies all of these qualities and also knows how important they are.

Example answer:

A good nurse must be communicative, committed, compassionate, competent, courageous, and can care for his/her patients.

A lack of any one of these can compromise the best care for the patient.

5. What would you do if a colleague was underperforming at work?

Your answer to this question will be able to tell the interviewers how you will perform as a band 6 nurse.

Since a key role of the position is to be an effective leader, you need to demonstrate that you can help others within your line of work.

Provide examples to help illustrate your answer.

Example answer:

I once helped a colleague who couldn’t keep up with her charting for her shifts.

I saw that she was falling behind so I asked her how I could help.

Together we were able to get her caught up and I showed her some helpful time management practices to employ so that she wouldn’t get behind again.

6. What was your biggest influence in becoming a nurse?

Interviewers are not looking for your life story here, but they do want to know that you are invested in your career.

Help them to understand your passion so that they can see that you are worth investing in.

Example answer:

My mother was a nurse and I saw how she made a difference in so many people’s lives.

I want to how the same kind of impact and the role of the band 6 nurse would only help me achieve this goal.

7. What do you consider your greatest weakness?

This question gives interviewers a chance to see the areas in which they believe you need improvement and also shows them how self-aware you are.

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Be honest when responding to this question but make it a positive answer by adding in how you are working to improve your weakness.

Example answer:

My biggest weakness is my time management.

I often try to take on too many things at once.

But I am working to improve my efficiency and have taken a few classes on effective time management.

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Conclusion: Band 6 Nurse Interview Questions (NHS)

A band 6 nurse not only takes care of his/her patients but also leads his/her fellow nurses and specializes in a particular field of medicine.

Show your interviewers that you are the best candidate for the job by preparing your answers ahead of time.

Also, provide them with no doubt in their minds why they should hire you.

Good luck with your upcoming band 6 nurse interview!

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