5 Best Dental Office Manager Interview Questions

Dental office manager interview questions

Dental office managers have many job duties – from administrative tasks to managing staff, maintaining compliance with regulations, running daily office operations, and more.

As you prepare for a job interview, be aware that you may be asked questions about your experience with computer systems, your knowledge of insurance policies, and your job motivations.

Dental office manager interview questions are designed to gauge the candidate’s expertise and skills to see if they would be competent with daily tasks without further training.

When asked these interview questions, you can highlight personal experiences, unique skills, and specific career goals to make your application stand out.

In today’s guide, we’ll highlight five of the most common dental office manager interview questions you may face.

We’ll also share example answers to show you how to hit the right talking points.

From questions about administrative credentials to those about certifications, we’re covering the bases.

Read until the end to get extra tips for preparing for your dental office manager interview.

We’ll even explain the importance of each question and why interviewers often ask them in the first place.

Dental Office Manager Interview Questions and Answers

The following five questions are common in dental office manager job interviews, as they’re specific to the job duties.

Be sure to use these example answers merely as inspiration rather than using them as your interview answers. 

1. Which dental computer programs do you have experience with, and to what extent?

Modern dental offices use computer software to make administrative tasks more streamlined and efficient.

They consolidate financial accounts, patient records, schedules, insurance information, contacts, and more into one system.

Employers ask this question in interviews to determine whether you’re trained in their office’s specific software or if you’ll need training before you can start working.

Example answer:

I am comfortable working with cloud-based and desktop dental office programs.

At my last job, I spent 2 years working with Denticon, and before that, I was trained in Dentrix Enterprise.

I am ready to learn new programs if need be.

2. What is your experience communicating with insurance companies?

One of the more critical aspects of a dental office manager role is knowing how to contact insurance agencies to verify patient coverage.

If the dental office you’re applying to only accepts five different providers, for example, you should generally be aware of those providers and what kinds of dental coverage they provide.

The interviewer will ask this question to gauge your experience with insurance-related tasks and how much further training you may need if hired.

Example answer:

At the previous dental office where I was employed as a dental receptionist, I scanned and made records of patients’ insurance coverage info.

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Sometimes, I would have to contact these companies to verify coverage or determine what patients needed to do to receive dental coverage.

I learned from this office’s website that only Medicaid, PEIA, and Humana are accepted, and I familiarized myself with the terms of these companies’ dental plans before this interview.

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3. Why did you choose to pursue the dental office management profession?

A dental office manager role is a particular role that doesn’t overlap as much with hands-on dental roles like dental assistant or dentist.

You need to have good communication, organization, planning, and time management skills to perform the administrative duties of the office manager job.

When an employer asks this interview question, they want to know that you have these skills and wish to use them to make the dental office more efficient.

Example answer:

I sincerely enjoy dental office management’s planning and organizational aspects.

I see the role as a crucial part of a well-functioning office.

I look forward to improving patient care by creating a comfortable pre- and post-appointment environment, all while improving efficiency.

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4. What are your goals within your dental career?

This question will weed out specific candidates if an employer is looking for a candidate who can serve as a long-term office manager.

For example, you may not get hired if you seek a dental office manager role but want to train to become a dental assistant.

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This is why answering this question honestly in your interview is essential.

Example answer:

While some people work up to more hands-on dental roles, I am happiest in an administrative position.

I would like to see myself in a long-term dental office manager role in the coming years.

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5. How do you typically communicate with patients when the office is busier than usual?

Sometimes, dental offices get slammed with appointments, and the wait times increase.

This can leave patients feeling overlooked and dissatisfied with their experience in the dental office.

Interviewers ask this question to gauge how you would treat impatient patients. Would you approach them respectfully and smiling, or would you act annoyed by their impatience?

Example answer:

As the dental office manager, I believe that a big part of the job is ensuring patients leave their appointments satisfied and feel valued.

When the office is incredibly hectic, I communicate clearly with patients, smile, and update them on wait times, so they don’t feel ignored or unvalued.

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How to Prepare for Dental Practice Manager Interview Questions?

You can best prepare for a dental practice manager interview by researching the practice’s history, values, etc.

Be sure to weave this knowledge into your discussion when possible, and always show how your skills can make you an excellent candidate to join that particular practice.

Additionally, we recommend practicing your answers at home and thinking of alternate explanations should you forget last minute.

Lastly, always refer to professional anecdotes to support your answers.

Conclusion: Interview Questions for Dental Practice Managers

Dental office manager interview questions often concern a candidate’s experience with:

  • administrative duties,
  • computer proficiency,
  • communication skills,
  • and knowledge of insurance companies.

The above five questions are commonly asked in these interviews. Make sure to study them before your following interview.

Good luck with your upcoming interview!

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