Medical Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

Medical administrative assistant interview questions

Hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities rely on medical administrative assistants to manage the records and other paperwork involved in patient care.

Any missing patient records or mistakes with insurance claims can lead to customer complaints and even legal liabilities.

Employers want to make sure that the person they hire is experienced and reliable.

That is why medical administrative assistant interview questions will check familiarity with:

Other questions look at specific technical skills, such as knowledge of medical software and terms.

Medical Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Most applicants for this position have similar administrative skills and computer skills.

Aside from mentioning your experience, give examples that show your soft skills:

  • communication,
  • decision-making,
  • troubleshooting,
  • multi-tasking,
  • and being able to work with different kinds of people.

1. What kind of medical software have you used before?

Medical facilities use medical software to improve efficiency and protect patient privacy.

Give examples of what you used during your internship and prior jobs, and say that you can learn new software quickly.

Example answer:

I have used different kinds of software.

The previous facility I worked for even used open-source software, which some people may think is difficult to use.

However, I was able to learn it quickly and even customize it for the facility’s needs.

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2. Are you familiar with medical terms?

While medical administrative assistants will not be involved in diagnosis and treatment, they need to know the terms so they can accurately fill out forms and communicate better with doctors, medical staff, and patients.

Example answer:

Yes, I know many of the medical terms.

I’ve been working as an assistant for several years, and these have been part of my daily tasks of managing patient files and interacting with the staff.

I’m also willing to learn more that is related to the specializations in your clinic since these terms enable me to support the doctors and patients better.

I always carry a notebook where I write down new terms and look them up as soon as I can.

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3. How will you protect patient privacy and confidentiality?

This is a critical question because the hospital is legally liable if there is a breach of patient privacy and confidentiality.

Example answer:

I learned about the HIPAA protocols during my training, and have made sure to implement this in all of my work.

I make sure that patient charts and lab test results are in a safe place, and keep my files well organized so no documents get lost.

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At the clinic, I only call the patients by their first names and close the consultation room door so no one can overhear the discussions.

I also make sure that patients understand the privacy protocols, and explain why I can’t give test results over the phone or release information to anyone except themselves.

I also ask them to sign HIPAA release forms.

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4. How do you provide patients with good customer service? Give me an example.

This is one of the most common medical administrative assistant interview questions.

Since you spend so much time with the patients, you play a significant role in customer satisfaction.

Show how you can empathize with patients, anticipate needs, or go out of your way to create a good customer experience.

Example answer:

The last facility I worked with had many elderly patients who have difficulty moving around.

Instead of making them get up to the desk I seat them in a comfortable area and bring the forms to them.

I also schedule them on days when there are not a lot of people, so they don’t have to wait long.

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5. How would you deal with an angry patient or family member?

Many medical administrative assistant interview questions will present scenarios to find out how would manage conflict or other challenges.

Show how you would stay calm and level-headed and use techniques to diffuse tension while convincing the patient to follow hospital protocols.

Example answer:

I understand that patients and their families are going through a stressful time.

So, I would listen to them and let them vent.

If they have a complaint, I will take note of what they say and assure them I will look into the problem.

If they are disagreeing with an established protocol, I will explain the reason for it.

Then, I will find out the reason why they are upset about it and look for a way to address those needs.

For example, one patient was confused by the insurance claims process, so I wrote down a checklist for her and who to contact if she had any questions.

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6. Are you comfortable with multi-tasking?

This question enables employers to see your organizational and planning skills.

You can talk about specific things you do to manage your time efficiently.

Example answer:

I am used to multi-tasking since one of my first jobs was at a family clinic where I handled all administrative tasks and the front desk.

This trained me to make a schedule and priority system for my tasks.

I do the urgent or important tasks early in the morning before the clinic’s peak hours, and then address the simpler tasks during clinic lulls.

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7. What makes you different from the other people applying for this position?

This question allows you to mention experiences and skills you could not put in your resume or elaborate on your strengths.

Example answer:

I think my experiences have prepared me well for a job in a pediatric facility.

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I am very good with children and teens. In high school and college, I worked as a volunteer for children’s outreach programs and camps.

I also worked in a clinic for kids with special needs.

These experiences will allow me to empathize with the patients and their families, anticipate their needs, and create a warm and helpful environment.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Medical Administrative Assistants

These medical administrative job interview questions and answers can help show empathy and efficiency – the two most essential qualities of a medical administrative assistant.

We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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