5 Dental Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Dental assistant interview questions and answers

Working as a dental assistant can be a lucrative and hands-on career choice, but to get to this point, you first need a great interview.

In a dentist’s assistant job interview, you’ll likely be asked about your:

  • certifications,
  • strengths/weaknesses,
  • desire to fill the role,
  • patient communication style,
  • and proficiency in dental computer software systems.

Interviewers often ask these dental assistant interview questions more tailored to the dental practice profession.

Candidates’ answers to these questions can give insight into competency, past experiences, and potential when joining a new dental practice.

In the following, we’ll explore five of the most common dental assistant interview questions and examples of answers you might consider.

We’ll explain the importance of these questions and how they relate to the job role.

And we’ll also follow up on these Q&A examples with tips on how you can prepare in advance for an upcoming dental assistant job interview.

Continue reading along as we share these details and advice.

And always remember to consider how your personal experiences in dentistry can lend to interview answers that will set you apart from other candidates.

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Dental Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

There is a large variety of queries that an interviewer may throw your way in an interview for this type of job.

But the following five best dental assistant interview questions are the most relevant and typically the most common.

Remember that the example answers shared below are just for inspiration, and you should constantly tailor your interview answers to your unique skills and experience.

1. Do you have any experience using dental computer systems?

Most dental assistants will split their time between performing more behind-the-desk office duties and working directly with patients and the supervising dentist.

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Interviewers ask this question because modern dental practices often use software to organize billing, schedules, patient records, etc.

You should be able to speak about your experience with software, citing examples. Or, you should at least be willing to learn how to use them.

Example answer:

In my most recent job shadowing a dentist, I spent some time doing clerical work at the front desk.

I became proficient in the practice’s software of choice – Dentrix.

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2. Are you certified to take patient x-rays in a dental practice?

In addition to a degree or certification in dentistry, dental assistants must show that they are certified to perform specific job tasks, such as x-rays.

Future employers will ask this to find out if you are genuinely ready to start the job or if there are specific duties that you are still working up to.

Example answer:

I received my certification to take dental x-rays from the ADA in 2019.

I have performed a few dental x-rays in my most recent position shadowing a dentist.

I am looking forward to gaining more hands-on x-ray experience as I move forward.

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3. What is your approach to dealing with patients who are nervous in the exam room?

In addition to having the technical qualifications for the job, interviewers will be looking to see if you have the personal skills and communication style suited to a dental practice.

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Answering this question in a well-thought-out way can help employers understand your versatility better when preparing patients to see the dentist.

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Cite a specific experience for a better answer.

Example answer:

In my most recent dental practice position, there were several new patients who were wary of having x-rays and impressions taken.

I relied on direct and calm communication to paint a mental picture of what would happen, step by step, and put them at ease regarding the procedures.

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4. Why do you want to fill this particular role?

Answering this question is an excellent opportunity to share your professional goals with the interviewer.

In addition to showing why you may be a good fit for the practice, you can talk about where you see yourself in 5 years and the learning opportunities this job will provide.

Example answer:

I hope to join a dental practice in this town long-term, and in applying for this assistant position, I hope that this practice can be that long-term spot.

I admire the mission and values of this dental practice, as well as the way that patients are treated here.

I am eager to be a part of a work environment with those qualities.

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5. Can you describe one of your weaknesses that could interfere with your job performance?

Interviews often have a variation of this question to discover the candidate’s setbacks and willingness to learn.

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When you answer this question, point out your valid weakness.

Don’t just try to claim that your weaknesses are your strengths.

Example answer:

I have had a tendency in the past to become slightly overwhelmed when presented with multitasking situations.

Although I know that this can be a shortcoming, I am actively working to improve my time management skills.

I see every weakness as an opportunity to grow and better myself.

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How to Prepare for Dental Assistant Interview Questions?

The following tips may help you to prepare for a dental assistant job interview questions:

  1. Take some time to research the specific dental practice you are applying to before your interview.
  2. Practice a mock interview with a fellow dental classmate or colleague.
  3. Spend some time anticipating potential follow-up questions that the interviewer might ask.
  4. Consider some questions you might ask the interviewer if given a chance.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Dental Assistants

The dental assistant interview questions shared in this article are some of the common queries you’ll face.

Make sure to only use our example answers as inspiration for how you will answer similar questions in your interview.

Tailoring your answers to personal experience and anecdotes is a great way to make your application stand out.

Good luck with your upcoming dental assistant interview!

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