5 Greatest Accomplishments Nursing Interview

Greatest accomplishment nursing interview

In most interviews for nursing positions, hiring staff will ask candidates to speak briefly on what they deem to be their greatest accomplishment(s).

To answer this question consider your accomplishments beyond what is written on your resume.

You should also share about times when you went above and beyond or overcame some odds or adversity as a nurse

Asking about candidates’ achievements is a key question in nursing interviews.

Your answer can give the employer an idea of why you’re motivated to be a nurse, your level of confidence in your skills, and your willingness to set goals and learn.

It can also reveal a lot about how you see yourself in relation to helping and caring for patients.

It’s important to be as specific as possible when you answer this interview question.

Illustrating how you overcame a real obstacle in the past is more effective than merely pointing to your degree and qualifications.

Being specific will make your interview stand out as unique to the employer.

To learn more about how you can answer this interview question, including sample answers and explanations, continue reading.

This article will cover a range of example accomplishments that are relevant to nursing interviews.

It will also cover various tips on how to properly answer this question in your tone, wording, and other factors.

Greatest Accomplishment Nursing Interview Answers 

Take a look at some examples of how you can answer the greatest accomplishment nursing interview questions. 

1. My greatest accomplishment was when I helped save a patient’s life.

This is a compelling way to share a big accomplishment with potential employers.

Not only does it illustrate your skill and competency as a nurse in critical situations but it also expresses an experience that is meaningful to you.

You can elaborate on the experience and why it solidified your drive to be a nurse and help patients.

2. My greatest accomplishment was when I took on a leadership role.

Depending on your personal experience with a nursing leadership role, whether you helped train other nurses or devised your training program, this answer will vary.

Be specific with your experience, and you will express to the hiring staff a time when you showed confidence as a nurse.

This answer also gives the employer an insight into how well you communicate, how you work with others, and how you might potentially succeed if promoted in the future.

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3. My greatest nursing accomplishment was when I won an award.

While awards aren’t necessarily a tell-all of your competency, they do speak to your strengths and likability.

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For example, if you won an award in nursing school or an in specific nursing organization, this might be worth sharing in your interview.

You can talk about what you did to earn that award and how it defined your career going forward.

4. My greatest nursing accomplishment was receiving my degree in the face of adversity.

Adversity can mean different things to different people, so be as specific as possible.

  • Did you manage to graduate with your nursing degree while juggling single parenthood?
  • Did you manage to get your degree with flying colors even though you were also working full-time?

These accomplishments are no easy feat, and expressing this in your interview will give the interviewer insight into your ability to work under pressure, overcome the odds, and succeed as a nurse.

5. My greatest accomplishment was getting positive feedback from patients.

Being a good nurse is more than just knowing the technical side of the job.

You also have to work well under pressure, tend to patient needs, and make the patients feel cared for and important.

If you can speak about how you consistently got positive feedback from patients in your previous position, this will look good in an interview. 

How to Answer About Achievements in Nursing Career?

In a nursing interview, how you answer is as important as what you say in your answer.

1. Be confident

When approaching greatest accomplishment nursing interview questions, make sure to give yourself credit where credit is due.

The interviewer wouldn’t ask this question if they didn’t want to know where your confidence lies. 

2. Relate the answer to the hospital

In an interview, you want your answers to relate somehow to the company you’re applying to work for.

In a nursing interview, you can do so by relating your accomplishments to the values and/or mission statement of the hospital.

Perhaps your accomplishment was getting positive patient feedback.

If the hospital you’re applying to has values of excellent patient care, you can relate this accomplishment by noting that excellent patient care is a value you hold, as well.

3. Avoid generalizations

Being specific by providing a clear anecdote will go a long way when talking about your accomplishments.

Remember, the interviewer wasn’t there when it happened, so your explanation should give them a clear picture of why that moment was truly an achievement for you.

4. Highlight your skills

Even though this question isn’t specifically about your skills, there are still subtle ways you can highlight your skills in your answer.

Make a list of key skill words before your interview and take a mental note

If you know that communication and patience are strong points for you, work these assets into your answer about your greatest accomplishment.

Chances are, those skills are part of what led you to that achievement in the first place.

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Conclusion: Nursing Interview Best Work Achievement

When answering greatest accomplishment nursing interview questions, candidates should be specific and point to situations where they went above and beyond to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to be confident with your answer and highlight your skills as a nurse in the process.

There are plenty of valid answers to this question, whether you:

  • got your nursing degree despite a challenging schedule,
  • won an award in nursing,
  • or took on a leadership role as a nurse.

Be sure to bring a unique answer to your interview and positively spin your experiences.

Best of luck with your upcoming nursing interview!

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