What Are Your Strengths Nursing Interview Answers

What are your strengths nursing interview

When preparing for a nursing interview, it is good to sit down and practice your answer to the most commonly asked questions employers like to ask.

One of these frequently asked questions includes “What are your strengths?”.

Do you know how you will answer?

There are many great ways to answer this question that will put you in good standing with your potential employer.

The best way to get through the interview is by practicing your answers and making sure you can express all of your strengths in the nursing field in the most professional and impressive ways.

Below are five ways to answer this type of nursing interview question, giving you a pretty good idea of what interviewers are looking for.

What Are Your Strengths Nursing Interview Question Answers

Below are five great ways to answer the what are your strengths nursing interview question.

The best way to get through an interview, no matter the position, is to know how to answer the important questions before they are even asked.

Example answer #1 – Strengths based on knowledge and education

One way to answer the interview question “What are your strengths?” is to utilize your knowledge and education that can help you in this position.

This is the time to lay out all the different skills you possess that will help you perform your duties in the most professional and valuable ways.

These skills can include anything from knowing different languages to typing skills or technical abilities.

Example answer:

I can clearly speak Spanish, allowing me to communicate with a variety of patients, which has been very helpful in the past in offices that do not have translation services.

I am also good with computers and have a background in computer science and medical transcription.

Example answer #2 – Strengths based on past experiences and previous employment

Another way to show potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job is by providing them with the strengths you have picked up from working in other healthcare facilities.

Using past experiences is a great way to prove you are capable of handling the job.

Example answer:

I have worked in the medical field for more than 10 years.

I have had the ability to work with many different types of patients, dealing with a whole slew of different medical problems, giving me the ability to treat each case differently depending on the situation at hand.

I am confident in my skills as a nurse and have had a lot of time to learn from the best and build my strengths from every job I have had.

Example answer #3 – Strengths based on personal traits

Nurses have to possess a bunch of different traits that show their character and prove they have what it takes to deal with a difficult population of people.

If you aren’t able to control your own emotions, you will not be effective in this position.

Prove you are a great candidate for the job by giving a list of all your most vital personal traits.

Example answer:

I am an empathetic person who really cares about the people I help every day, no matter who it is or what they are dealing with.

While I can be very compassionate with patients, I can also be strong and firm when necessary.

It gives me the ability to do my job correctly no matter what someone may say to me or things they might ask of me.

I keep things professional and will always go by the book.

I believe rules and regulations are put in place to protect the staff and keep the patients safe, and I feel my strengths lie in being curious, professional, and strong-minded.

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Example answer #4 – Strengths based on the life

While many people may tell you not to include personal experiences in your interview answers, it can actually help you out if done correctly.

Employers do want to see that you have been through things that touched you on a personal level, and you were able to cope with it emotionally and mentally and became a better person for it.

Example answer:

As a child, I spent a lot of time watching my mother (who was a nurse) take care of her mother, who was dying of cancer.

Not only did this make me realize how amazing nurses were it also helped me pick up skills in this field, such as organization, compassion, and patience.

Having the ability to see how my mother worked at such as young age prepared me for my future working in the medical field by giving me an idea of what things will look like during the good and bad.

Example answer #5 – Strengths based on your personality

You will find nurses will all different types of personalities working in doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

All kinds of characters are helpful in the nursing field, so showing off yours during the interview can give the employer an indication as to where you would best fit in the office.

Example answer:

I am a very bubbly person who tries to bring a smile to my patients’ and co-workers’ faces every day.

I try to keep the mood light because, in my experience, working in the healthcare field can really push people emotionally and mentally, and a little laughter can go a long way.

That’s not to say I make light of all situations, and I am very intuned to where and when humor is appropriate.

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How to Answer What Is Your Greatest Strength as a Nurse?

When answering the question “What is your greatest strength as a nurse?” in a nursing interview, there are a few things you should try to avoid.

First and foremost, bragging or acting like you know it all.

Employers do not want to hire a nurse who will frequently butt heads with co-workers or doctors because you believe you have all the answers.

You also want to avoid spending too much time on the question or providing an overabundance of information when it isn’t necessary.

When listing off your strengths, provide details that will prove you will make a great asset to the team.

Conclusion: What Are Your Strengths Nursing Interview Question

When you are getting ready to sit down in an interview for a nursing position, one of the most frequently asked questions is “What is your greatest strength as a nurse?”.

Before you head in for the appointment, take some time to write a list of all your best attributes and prepare to list them in a professional and impressive way.

Good luck with your upcoming nursing interview!

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