Why Do You Want to Work Here as a Nurse Answers

Why do you want to work here as a nurse

When you walk into an interview room, the first thing the employer will notice is your demeanor, level of confidence, and your personality.

Always enter the room with a smile, your head held high, and professionalism

Once you are past formalities, you next have to impress the interviewer with your answers. In interviews, one big question nurses often hear is, “Why do you want to work here as a nurse?”

This question can be a little overwhelming, but as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time, you can use this question to really make yourself shine.

Below are five great ways to answer these questions, giving you some ideas on how to use your skills, knowledge, and goals to show you are the best candidate for the job.

Why Do You Want to Work Here as a Nurse Answers

Why do you want to work here as a nurse?

Think about that question for a moment and then create a list of all your strengths, then formulate them to fit the narrative and answer the question in the best way possible.

Example answer – Talk about your career goals

The world of healthcare is continually growing, and there are always ways for a nurse to learn, move up, and better themselves.

When an employer asks you why you want to work in their facility, it is a great segway into explaining how you want to grow in your field and move up within the facility.

Example answer:

I have been in the same position at my current job for many years.

Though I love my work and my patients, I don’t feel there is any more room for me to grow or further my career.

I won’t move up in the industry, and I believe this is an excellent place for me to do that.

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Example answer – Talk about your love for the job

Not all facilities give you the ability to really show your true potential or participate in the parts of the field you were trained in, limiting your ability to perform your duties as a nurse.

Example answer:

I worked very hard when I attended nursing school and put in a lot of time learning the ropes and mastering all of the duties expected of me.

I am ready and excited to get a chance to utilize these skills and tools I have developed throughout my career to make a bigger difference.

Example answer – Talk about the benefits of the facility

This is the time to compliment that facility you are interviewing for.

Not only is it a good way to answer the question, but it will prove to the employer that you did your homework and looked into the company you want to work for.

Example answer:

I am very interested in working in a cardiac facility.

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I spent a lot of my time in school and even furthering my education to learn more about cardiology and how nutrition, exercise, and biology can all play a role in cardiac health.

I feel I can do a lot of good in this facility.

I am eager to learn as I go and improve myself in a field I am passionate about, and your company has an amazing reputation for the work you do, so I believe I can accomplish a lot here.

Example answer – Talk about your background

Nurses spend a lot of time in the classroom and on the floor. You can use this experience to help you answer these types of questions to your benefit.

When an interviewer asks why you want to work as a nurse for their company, give them an overview of your background, education, and overall knowledge of the nursing field.

Example answer:

I was eager to get into and through nursing school.

I love everything about the experience and feel I learned a lot during my time at New York University.

I was able to do my residency at a local hospital, where I got to see firsthand how nurses actually made an impact on people’s lives for the better.

I wanted to be part of that.

I currently work at a neurology office, which I do enjoy. However, the use of my skills is limited.

I want to work in a fast-paced facility where I can be hands-on, working directly with people who need care and families who could use a friendly voice to help explain things regarding their loved ones’ conditions, needs, etc.

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Example answer – Talk about your personal growth

Growing doesn’t stop once you reach adulthood. As a nurse, you will keep learning and growing in the field and on a personal level.

Where you started in your career may not be the best fit for you at this time, and it is a great reason to look for a new job that fits your skill sets, personality, and ethics.

Example answer:

When I started working as a nurse seven years ago, I was content following the same routine day in and day out and was very comfortable with where I was.

As I have continued my journey, I have started noticing that my interest and love for the job have me looking in new directions to play a more prominent role in the field and be more myself as a caretaker, teacher, and leader.

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I am a hard-working and driven person who enjoys learning and loves a good challenge, and I really feel I can learn a lot at this facility and working with your staff.

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How to Answer the Why Do You Want to Work Here Nursing Interview Question?

Employers always ask this question. They want to know the nurse’s intentions and if they have the drive, skills, goals, and interest in pursuing a long-term position.

To answer this question with confidence, utilize your strengths as a nurse and then add them to the information you have learned about the company.

Find things that highlight the facility you are interviewing for:

  • the technology they use,
  • doctors employed with them,
  • or the types of patients they treat.

Then showcase how your strengths can add to their success.

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Conclusion: Why Do You Want to Work in Healthcare

When answering the big “Why do you want to work here as a nurse?” question during an interview, you always want to sound as sincere and confident as possible.

The best way to do that is by practicing your answers ahead of time.

Above are five great ways to answer this question and give you a little help to come up with something that will land you the job.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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