5 Common LPN Interview Questions and Answers

LPN interview questions

Licensed practical nurses help doctors and registered nurses by taking patients’ vitals and recording medical history.

They are integral to the care and treatment of healthcare patients, so interviewers want to make sure they hire the best possible candidates for their facility.

Interviewers can ask some tough LPN interview questions to those who are applying for a position as a licensed practical nurse.

If you aren’t prepared, these questions can catch you off guard and automatically alert the interviewer that you may not be well suited for the job.

Look over the list of questions we’ve provided below to prepare yourself for the kinds of questions interviewers might ask you.

A lot of them are a way for interviewers to test your character and root out the qualities that you possess that would make you a great fit for their facility.

Licensed practical nurses should show attention to detail, integrity, and compassion.

All of these can be demonstrated in the answers you provide to your interviewer.

LPN Interview Questions and Answers

1. How would you handle a difficult patient?

Interviewers are looking for a candidate that has good people skills.

If you want to learn more about people skills here is a great video you should definitely watch.

Video made by: Vanessa Van Edwards

Not all patients are going to be cooperative, even if you are just checking vitals or obtaining their medical history.

If you have ever dealt with a difficult patient before, use examples to help bolster your answer.

Someone with a good bedside manner, but who can get the job done is an ideal candidate.

Example answer:

I have had difficulty obtaining patients’ medical history in the past and I’ve learned that it is usually out of fear of judgment or a recurring diagnosis.

If I come across a question the patient refuses to answer, I empathize with their fear or worry but help them understand that it’s important to get as much information as possible to help them get better.

2. How would you respond to criticism from your supervisor?

This is a tricky question that will show the interviewer your true mettle.

It’s important to acknowledge that you’re a good team player and can listen to reviews from your supervisor.

Give examples of a time that a previous supervisor asked you to improve on something and how you responded and grew from the experience.

Example answer:

At my previous job, my supervisor explained to me that I wasn’t collecting enough medical history from patients who weren’t forthcoming with the information.

So I asked her to coach me on how to connect with the patients in a better way so they could open up to me and share the information I needed to complete their charts.

3. What made you want to become a licensed practical nurse?

The interviewer is gauging your interest in the medical field here to see if you are a good fit for the position.

If the interviewer knows what drives you, it can help them better understand you and see how you will work with the rest of the team.

Be honest about your motivations because you want to make sure you’re a good fit just as much as the interviewer does.

Example answer:

My mom has been a nurse ever since I can remember, and I loved hearing the stories of how she helped so many people.

I always wanted to have an impact like that on someone’s life and nursing is such a wonderful way to make a difference in someone’s life.

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4. What would you do if you disagreed with a doctor or nurse about a patient’s treatment plan?

There are many qualities an interviewer is looking for here:

  • integrity,
  • respect,
  • and the ability to resolve conflict.

Show that you would do everything in your power to resolve the issue so that the patient’s best interest remains the most important priority.

The interviewer needs to know that you can work well with others, especially your superiors.

Example answer:

If I disagreed with the doctor about a patient’s treatment plan, I would ask the doctor how they came up with the treatment plan they chose and explain how I came up with mine.

I would look for common ground.

I would work with the doctor to come up with the best solution for the patient’s care which is the most important thing at stake.

5. What made you want to work here?

As a licensed practical nurse, you can work virtually anywhere so the interviewer wants to know why you’re invested in their facility.

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Do some research ahead of time to see what they specialize in or what projects they may have going on.

Show enthusiasm for the care they provide their patients and mention any notable commendations the facility may have received.

Example answer:

I want to work in a place that shows the greatest care for its patients.

The fact that your facility won an award for excellence in healthcare shows me that your patients are your number one priority which is very important to me.

Licensed Practical Nurse Interview Questions to Ask Employer

At the end of your interview, the interviewer may ask if you have any questions.

Never say that you don’t have any.

Always come up with a question or two that is relevant that you can’t just google.

This shows that you have a genuine interest in the facility and position.

Some examples of questions to ask include:

  • What qualities are you looking for in your licensed practical nurses?
  • What advice would you give a new licensed practical nurse under your advisement?
  • What do the shifts look like for licensed practical nurses?
  • What are the next steps I should take for the interview process?

Conclusion: Interview Questions for LPNs

Interviewing for a position as an LPN can be overwhelming especially knowing there may be a lot of other candidates going for the same job.

Help yourself stick out from the crowd by preparing for your interview and walking in with confidence.

Go over these questions and come up with your own answers to help you ace your interview and score your dream job.

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