7 Best CNA Interview Questions and Answers

CNA interview questions and answers

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant who is responsible for the direct care of patients. This includes the physical, mental, and emotional needs of these patients.

The CNA is responsible for assisting with personal hygiene and the performance of specific nursing activities.

They provide for their safety and security and must stay abreast of changes within their facility. Generally, the responsibilities of a CNA are extensive.

To become a CNA, you must go through an intense interview process.

This offers the hiring manager a chance to determine if you are truly a good candidate for the position and will be a positive addition to their team.

During the interview process, think about questions that they will ask you and be prepared to give proper answers.

Scope of CNA Interview Questions

When interviewing for a CNA job, there are standard questions that will be asked of you.

There will be questions about your experience, education, and skills. You should also expect some situational questions, work ethic questions, and questions about your availability.

Experience Questions

Experience questions are very common when interviewing for a CNA position. You should have your previous experience clearly outlined.

If you were working in the medical field in some capacity, then you will want to include that in your interview.

Education Questions

If you are looking for a CNA job, it is expected that you have a certain level of training.

You should expect to be questioned on this aspect of your resume.

If you are certified, then you will want to make sure to mention that. You should also ensure you know your training date and the place it was conducted.

Skills Questions

You should be prepared to answer questions about your skills.

It is generally expected that you can provide basic care to patients.

If you have experience with EKG machines, then you should be prepared to discuss that in your interview.

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You might also want to mention other skills that are associated with being a CNA.

Situational Questions

When you are interviewing for a CNA job, situational questions may be asked of you.

These are questions that deal with you in a specific situation.

For example, “Can you handle conflict or would you prefer not to be around that?” or “What would you do if a patient was being disrespectful?”

These are important questions because they can help the hiring manager determine if you are a good fit for the staff.

Availability Questions

This is not a required question in most interviews, but it was asked of me during my interview.

If this is asked of you, you should be honest about your availability.

You do not want to be hired for a position in that you are not able to work. These questions are important because your time with the company is extremely valuable to them.

Work Ethic Questions

There may be questions regarding your work ethic.

If this is asked of you, be prepared to give specific examples of your work ethic.

You must convey that you are a hardworking person.

Having questions about your work ethic is important because it can determine how well you will fit into the workplace dynamic.

Based on the above, what are the most common CNA interview questions? Those are coming up next.

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Common CNA Interview Questions and Answers

When you are interviewing for a CNA position, there may be certain questions that you will be asked over and over.

It is important to be ready for these questions and have a relevant response.

We have prepared a list of the most common CNA job interview questions.

1. Tell us about yourself.

This is always among the first and most common CNA interview questions.

You should have a good, short answer prepared for this question.

It is also crucial that you focus on your skills and abilities.

Start by introducing yourself and then tell about your work experience and education.

You should focus on what you can bring to the workplace and how willing you are to learn.

Example answer:

My name is Jane.

I am 21 years old and work at the Smith Center for Health & Wellness. I have been there for 3 years now and I love my job.

I am very interested in your company and what you do.

When working with patients, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that I am a good example to my patients.

I have been certified for 3 years and I’m CPR trained.

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2. Why do you want to work at this company?

You must know the mission and goals of the company.

You should have researched the company before your interview and know what they do.

If you have a good answer, it will show your interest in the company and that you did some research before attending the interview.

Example answer:

I have always been interested in the health field and enjoy being able to help others.

I have felt inspired by your mission statement and feel that I can be a positive influence in the company.

I would like to grow as a person and as an employee.

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3. What is your greatest strength?

Your interviewer may ask you what your greatest strength is.

This may seem like an easy question, but you must have a strong response.

You should be ready to give examples of your greatest strengths and what you are good at.

This question is important because it is usually followed by “What is your greatest weakness?”

Example answer:

I would say my greatest strength is getting along with others and being able to work as a team.

I feel that we achieve more when we work together and I am always open to new ideas and working with different personalities.

My greatest weakness would be that sometimes I am a perfectionist and get stressed when I cannot accomplish something.

I am sure this is something I can improve on.

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4. What makes you a good CNA?

This can be a tough question because there are so many qualities that make a good CNA.

You should be able to give examples of when you demonstrated your good CNA skills.

You must acknowledge your strengths and give examples of when you demonstrated them.

Example answer:

I am a good CNA because I take pride in my work and want to do a good job.

I care about patients and enjoy making them feel better.

Being able to help the ones you care about is rewarding and that is why I enjoy nursing.

I am very patient and understanding with patients.

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5. What type of equipment do you feel most comfortable using?

Nursing equipment can include many different things, so it is important to have a good answer for this CNA interview question.

You should focus on the equipment that you know how to use and are comfortable using.

If you do not know how to use something, you can mention that as well.

Example answer:

I have been trained to use all types of equipment and am very comfortable with them.

Some of the equipment that I have used before are blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, patient lifts, CPR machines, and monitors.

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6. How do you manage stress and difficult situations?

Managing stress and difficult situations is important in the nursing field.

You should be able to provide examples of when you handled stress well and were able to stay calm.

It is also important to demonstrate how you handle difficult situations and why you are good at them.

Example answer:

I think I am able to handle stress well because I am a very patient person.

When dealing with difficult situations, I always try to remain calm and think things through before I make any decisions.

I have always been able to handle stressful situations well and feel that I can continue to do this.

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7. What is your availability?

This is yet another common CNA interview question.

You must provide a good answer because you do not want to be unable to work for them in the future if you get the job.

Example answer:

My availability is pretty flexible, I am a student right now so my class schedule varies from week to week.


Weekdays are generally open and I would be able to work most hours of the day.

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CNA Interview Questions To Ask Employer

At the end of every CNA interview, the interviewer should ask if you have any questions for them.

This is an important part of the interview because it allows you to gain more information about the company and the job.

You should always have a list of questions ready to ask the interviewer.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of CNA interview questions for you to ask the employer.

  1. Can you tell me more about this position?
  2. What are the benefits of working here?
  3. What would a typical day be like in this position?
  4. Would I be working closely with other nurses in this facility?
  5. What are the opportunities for growth within the company?
  6. What is the culture of this company like?
  7. What is the biggest challenge in this job?
  8. What type of personality is most successful in this position?
  9. What do you look for in an ideal candidate?
  10. Would I be working with patients directly, or would the majority of my time be spent on paperwork?

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How to Prepare for Nursing Assistant Interview Questions

Now that you know some of the common CNA interview questions to expect and the questions to ask the interviewer, it is time to get ready for your interview.

Before you go into the CNA interview, make sure you take some time to prepare yourself on how to answer the nursing assistant interview questions.

This can be done in the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Research the institution

You should be able to find out some information about the company you are applying to right on their website.

Research the company’s vision, the services they offer, its values, and who they are as a company.

This information will help you with your answers and will show you how to talk about the company positively.

Step 2: Revisit your resume

Take a look over your resume and make sure that you can talk about everything on it in detail.

You should know all of the work experiences there and be able to talk about them in detail.

You should also find out some more details about your personality and character so you can answer the questions in a more specific manner.

You should do some research on nursing assistant trends and various other healthcare issues.

This will help you answer the common CNA interview questions because you will be able to talk about the current state of the healthcare industry.

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Step 4: Revise some challenging terminologies used in the healthcare industry

Many of the common CNA interview questions will include terminology that you may not be familiar with.

Before you go into your interview, make sure you know what the following words mean:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Charting
  • Privacy Act
  • Patient’s Rights
  • CPR

Step 5: Practice responding to the CNA interview questions

Now that you have done some research on the company, checked your resume, and familiarized yourself with trending issues within the industry, it is time to practice how you will respond to the CNA interview questions.

You can for example use the above-mentioned most common CNA job interview questions.

Come up with at least three different answers for each question and practice reciting them in the mirror until you feel comfortable saying them.

You can also practice with your friends and family members.

Make sure they know the CNA interview questions and ask them to come up with challenging questions they can ask you.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Certified Nurse Assistant

As you can see, taking some time to prepare yourself before the CNA interview will go a long way in helping you get that job.

You will be able to impress the interviewer and show them how you fit in with the company, resulting in a positive CNA interview experience.

Use the mentioned questions to help you become familiar with the common CNA interview questions and be ready to answer them as confidently as possible.

Good luck with your up-and-coming nursing assistant interview!

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