7 Best Plastic Surgery Nurse Interview Questions

Plastic surgery nurse interview questions

Are you preparing for your first interview for a plastic surgery nurse position and feeling curious about what the common plastic surgery nurse interview questions are?

Or are you getting ready to apply for a position at a new clinic and can’t remember the interview questions from your last position?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Plastic surgery nurses, just like every other profession, have an interview process to go through.

The interview questions are aimed at ensuring you are ready to undertake your position and can handle complex situations as they come up on the job. 

This article will discuss the seven most common plastic surgery nurse interview questions.

We will present the question and example answers that you can use for inspiration. By the end of this article, you should be able to walk into your interview confident and prepared.

Plastic Surgery Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

As a plastic surgery nurse, you will be tasked with helping your patients before, during, and after they receive plastic surgery.

Your interviewer will need to ascertain whether you fully understand the process of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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In addition to ensuring you are knowledgeable and professional, your interviewer may ask questions to find out if you possess the level of empathy that is necessary for the plastic surgery field. 

We will discuss the seven most common plastic surgery nurse interview questions to help you prepare for your interview.

1. Why are you interested in joining our practice? 

Whether you are fresh out of school and applying for your first position in the field or switching to a new practice, your new employer will likely be interested in the reasons you were drawn to apply to their workplace.

This way we’ve included it as our first plastic surgery nurse interview question.

It is important to do your research on the workplace you’re applying to so you can provide specific examples about why you want to work there.

Maybe they specialize in a certain cosmetic procedure that you are interested in, or maybe you have heard great things about the other practicing surgeons.

No matter your reasoning, make sure you are decisive and express enthusiasm about working in the practice. 

2. How do you react under pressure? Can you provide an example? 

Working as a plastic surgery nurse is a stressful job.

You will be working with multiple clients at once and making sure you can provide each one with the expertise they need.

The operating room is a stressful environment, and your interviewer needs to be certain that you are calm and collected and can perform under high stress.

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It is important to try and think of an example that is similar to the level of pressure you will be facing in your prospective job.

Try to come up with an example of a time when you were able to overcome your stress and perform your job well.

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3. What response would you give to a client who is requesting a risky procedure they don’t need?

While this may not happen very often, you may be confronted with a patient insisting on receiving a certain procedure, even when that procedure is not in their best interest.

They may be seeking a cosmetic procedure to achieve the desired look, or maybe they just simply are not a good candidate for plastic surgery

Your interviewer needs to gauge how you handle a situation like this to see if you are assertive while remaining kind and considerate towards your patient.

For a question like this, it may be helpful to do a sort of role-playing example.

You might present a scenario, such as a patient who is not a good candidate for surgery.

Focus on the medical facts, such as the reasons that this procedure may be dangerous or not provide them with the results they are looking for.

Make sure to express your condolences and if possible, offer them an alternative solution.

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4. Can you explain how to ensure client confidentiality while you are discussing medical history?

There are many federal protections in place to ensure that patients’ medical history remains confidential with their doctor.

This is one of the most important aspects of patient care to understand in any field.

When you discuss a patient’s medical history it is important to make sure that you are the only one in the room with the patient, unless they have permitted another individual to hear their information. 

Another aspect of protecting confidentiality is the proper storage of medical information.

When answering this question you should make sure you address all aspects of this process, and a few mentions of any specific laws wouldn’t hurt either!

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5. Do you have relevant experience in the plastic surgery field? 

Your answer to this question will mainly depend on the level of position you’re applying for and whether or not this is your first job in the field. 

If you are fresh out of medical school and applying for an entry-level surgery nurse position you may take this opportunity to mention any residencies, internships, or other real-world experience you did through your school.

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If you are applying for a position that is a step up from your prior position, or perhaps in a different niche than you previously worked in, you might want to provide an example of a time you stepped outside your role to take on a task similar to what your new day-to-day job would look like.

It is important to sell yourself!

Even if you have minimal experience that directly relates to the position you are applying for, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good candidate.

Being someone who is trainable and willing to learn can help you a lot in the long run! 

6. Where do you see your professional career in five years?

If your interviewer asks this question, it likely means they are trying to find someone who wants to stick around for a long-term position.

While you don’t need to commit to staying with the practice for a certain period in an interview, you must have a clear plan for yourself.

Mention avenues in the plastic surgery field you might like to be working in, new skills you want to acquire in this job, or any other example relevant to you that shows your potential employer you are serious about this career.

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7. How do you prioritize multiple tasks in a busy workday? 

Again, as a plastic surgery nurse, you will likely be dealing with many different tasks in your day-to-day job.

You may be doing new patient consults, planning a surgery, performing post-operative care, or completing smaller tasks such as filing paperwork or making phone calls.

The interviewer wants to determine if you have strong organizational skills and can prioritize and plan out your day effectively.

As a response, you may consider pointing out that you are a great multi-tasker and understand how to prioritize the most important tasks.

You can also point out relevant examples that show your ability to organize your day and accomplish all of the items on a list.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Plastic Surgery Nurses

We have gone over the most common plastic surgery nurse interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview and successfully land your dream job.

The most important thing to remember is to sell yourself and know your value in the interview. If you come prepared, you should have no issue securing the job you want.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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