5 Best Public Health Nurse Interview Questions

Public health nurse interview questions

On top of all that nurses do, those that specialize in public health ensure that patients get access to the healthcare they need. Their duties include everything from treating to educating, which makes them an important asset to many hospitals.  

During an interview for public health nurse positions, interviewers look for candidates with particular characteristics.

They ask public health nurse interview questions that test character, show work ethic, and reveal comfortability in a hospital environment

Below, we’ll take a look at some common questions asked during public health nursing interviews.

We’ll also provide example answers that are meant to inspire one’s own personal answers.

Using these questions and answers is a great way to practice before the big day to be prepared for anything.

Public Health Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

1. Have you ever contributed to a community health education initiative? If so, what perspective did it provide?

As a public health nurse, part of your job will be to reach out to all kinds of patients within your community.

Part of that involves education, including initiatives to tackle issues specific to your area.

Example answer:

In my community, many low-income young women do not have access to proper sex education.

This is directly related to increased teen pregnancies and increased risk of STDs and STIs.

Using my knowledge in the field, I teamed up with local programs to create websites and brochures for young women looking for answers.

They can access information about protection, healthcare needs, and even call doctors, nurses, or program agents for answers to any doubts or questions.

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2. What are some cases that you believe require healthcare interventions? Why?  

This question is a great one that not only shows your perspective and experience in the field but also your character.

Interviewers want to know that you have a good grasp of issues communities are facing both globally and in your area.

Example answer:

There are many things that require intervention, though among the most important today are the promotion of a healthy diet and vaccinations.

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A healthy diet and keeping up with vaccinations are key to keeping both individuals and communities safe.

With so much lack of information about healthy, balanced meals and disinformation about vaccinations, I think it’s critical to intervene and educate.  

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3. Describe an experience where you dealt with challenges in the workplace. How did you handle them?

Knowing how you respond to stress is important.

Healthcare facilities want to know that you can deal with stress.

This is a typical question for many types of nursing, making it important to answer and do so genuinely.

Example answer:

I had a coworker that was difficult to work with that always tried to rush through their job.

Every time that we were scheduled on the floor together, I would try and do my work diligently, gently reminding them of procedures if they tried to skip on them.

I took them aside on one occasion and mentioned the reason behind procedures, trying to make them feel a sense of pride in their job.

They appreciated my concern and liked that I was very direct with them about their issue.

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4. During a visit to a patient’s home, you realize that their child is showing signs of malnutrition. What do you do?

There will be some situations that you’re put in that will require attention.

Some will be hard to handle and require that you take swift action to ensure that they are solved.

Interviewers want to know that you can deal with them and will likely ask a situational type of question.

Example answer:

I would first report to authorities, seeking their guidance on what I should do.

Afterward, I would discuss eating habits with the patient, trying to get more details as to why the child appears to be malnourished.

With the proper guidance, I would inform authorities if needed and try to educate the patient, child, and others involved on the importance of good eating habits.

I’d also make it a point to follow up on the case, making sure that it’s been taken care of and isn’t repeated.  

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5. How do you deal with stress in the workplace?

Stress is something that comes with the job, which is why interviewers want to know that you can handle it.

They’re likely to ask you how you handle stress, wanting to know a bit more about:

  • your personality,
  • character,
  • and tolerance to stress.

Example answer:

When I feel stressed, I try to think of the bigger picture.

I often take a step back and think about the well-being of the patient and the need for all on the floor to work as a team.

When I notice stress building, I try to slip away and breathe for a second, getting my mind back focused on my tasks.

In most cases, stress comes from a lack of communication, which is why I try to keep open and frequent conversations with all who I work with and care for.

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How to Prepare for PHN Interview Questions?

When you’ve scored an interview, you’ll likely want to practice before the big day.

You can do so using these 5 common public health nurse interview questions, really thinking about your answers.

It’s a good idea to think about why public health nursing is important to you, thinking of ways you plan to make an impact.

Once you have example answers down, you can practice with a friend or family member.

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Have them help you with a mock interview, having them ask you the questions.

Listen to your responses and try to sound natural and relaxed for the best results.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Public Health Nurses

The opportunity to become a public health nurse is highly rewarding.

When you get the chance to interview for a job, you may want to practice so that you give the best answers.

Be honest and genuine about why the job is important to you, blowing them away with your in-depth answers that show your true character.

Good luck with your upcoming interview!

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