5 Why Should We Hire You as a Nurse Answers

Why should we hire you as a nurse

In a nursing interview, one of the most common questions you’ll get asked is “Why should we hire you as a nurse?”.

When answering this question, you should point to your specific motivations, unique skills, standout qualifications, and how your experience makes you a good fit for the specific hospital you’re applying to.

You should also point to the reasons that you want to work with the hospital, as your desire to work with a company is just as important as your ability to work with a company.

A nursing interview is often a chance to prove yourself amongst many other candidates who have similar resumes and CVs as you.

With similar qualifications required of each nursing candidate, it can be difficult for employers and hiring staff to point to a concrete reason why you are worthy of the position compared to someone else with the same degree.

This is why you need to optimize your answer when asked why you deserve to get hired, and today, we’re diving into the ways to do so.

Keep reading to learn some sample answers you can give when asked this question and how to deliver your answer in the best way.

You’ll also learn several tips regarding ways that you can stand out when asked this question in your nursing interview.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why Should We Hire You as a Nurse Example Answers

1. I have the motivation and drive you needed as a nurse.

Touch briefly on the momentum that has led you to this point in your career.

You can share short anecdotes or details about your motivation to be a nurse and how this will make you a great addition to the specific hospital you’re interviewing with.

2. My experience goes above and beyond.

Point to your specific experience and how those opportunities have prepared you for this specific position.

Be sure to note any experiences that other candidates might not have, including hands-on nursing opportunities, whether paid or volunteer-based.

3. I have the determined attitude necessary to help and care for patients.

Note how important it is for a nurse to be motivated to care for patients, in addition to the experience and qualifications.

Point to your relevant qualities that will help you, such as empathy, good communication, stamina, quick adaptation, and problem-solving skills.

4. I have a history of working well with my past employers.

Sometimes, a hospital will look specifically at your recommendations to see how you could potentially work as a part of their team.

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You can help them to assess this factor by sharing how you worked cohesively with other doctors and nurses in your previous nursing position(s).

5. I can bring something special to your hospital.

This type of answer is a chance to elaborate on how you, as a unique individual, can fill a need at the hospital.

You can kindly point to how your personality, drive, or charisma will make the hospital a place where patients will want to go if they need medical attention.

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You Nursing Interview Question?

While there are some straightforward ways to answer the question “Why should we hire you as a nurse?”, how you answer also matters.

You want to be sure that you:

  1. Do your research beforehand
  2. Use the right tone
  3. Answer with honesty and openness 
  4. End your answer on a positive note

1. Do your research beforehand

Before you even go in for an interview, you should have ideally researched the hospital to learn its values and mission.

Knowing this information will help you to specially tailor your answer about why they should hire you as a nurse.

If you can explain how your skills and attitude are a good fit for the hospital’s mission, this may give you a leg up.

2. Use the right tone

The tone is also important when answering this question, as you don’t want to come across as too cocky or as though you undervalue yourself.

You should speak clearly and with confidence when explaining the reasons that you think you’re worthy of hiring.

Try and stay away from arrogance, which could lead the interviewer to believe that you might not work well in a team, which is crucial in a hospital setting.

3. Answer with honesty and openness

You also want to answer this interview question as transparently as possible, as nursing is a professional job that you can’t fake an aptitude for.

Avoid overextending yourself or hyping up your skills and experience to seem more qualified than you are.

Your resume doesn’t lie, and neither should you.

If an interviewer ends up hiring you under pretenses, you will likely be in way over your head.

Or worse – your coworkers and superiors will know that you are ill-prepared and won’t trust you.

4. End your answer on a positive note

When answering about why the hospital should hire you as a nurse, you should make sure to always end on a positive note.

Spin the final part of your answer to reiterate how you will be specifically a good fit for this particular hospital.

You may even want to end on a note that expresses your specific interest in working toward the hospital’s mission statement.

It also helps to reiterate your desire to join the team, learn, and make a difference in the lives and care of the hospital’s patients.

Conclusion: Why Should We Hire You Nursing Interview Question

When interviewing for a position as a nurse, you will likely get asked the question “Why should we hire you?”.  

When the time comes to answer, you should make sure you have thoroughly researched the hospital’s values and mission beforehand.

You also want to highlight your unique skills, and express your desire to work as a part of a team and provide excellent patient care.

Try to be as honest as possible, while putting a positive spin on your direct and clear answer.

Hopefully, our tips for answering this interview question will be useful for you!

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