What Can You Bring to Our Team Nursing Interview

What can you bring to our team nursing interview

Being a nurse is an honorable, reputable, and beautiful profession. However, it comes with its own set of challenges and stressful situations.

To nail a nursing interview, you have to be prepared for even the most difficult questions.

One question a lot of candidates applying for nursing jobs struggle with is “What can you bring to our team?”.

While this may sound like a straightforward question, answering it can be a struggle, especially when you want to sound professional and like a qualified employee.

If you are a nurse preparing to head off to an upcoming interview, practicing interview questions ahead of time might be the best way to secure the job.

Below we have provided a list of 5 great answers to the question “What can you bring to our team?” to give you a good idea of what the employer is looking for in response.

5 What Can You Bring to Our Team Nursing Interview Answers

It can be a nerve-wracking question when an employer asks you what you can bring to the team.

You want to make sure you provide an answer that highlights your education, skills, and experience in a tasteful, humble, and professional manner.

Here is a list of 5 answers to the question “What can you bring to our team?” during a nursing interview, which is sure to score big points with your potential employer.

 Example answer #1 (Focus on your education)

I was at the top of my class in nursing school and spent extra time doing extra research in different areas of the profession, such as how to deal with difficult patients or how to talk to families in emotional situations.

While working in the field, I spent a lot of time learning by example and absorbing how other nurses handled certain situations.

Then incorporated that into my practice to really up the way I do my job.

Example answer #2 (Focus on your prior work experience)

I have spent the last five years working in a general practitioner’s office, where I have had to deal with patients from all walks of life with many different medical and personal issues.

I have had to do everything from paperwork to administering injections, medications, and vaccinations.

I have spent time working with families who struggle to cope with the diagnosis of a loved one and held hands with patients who received very bad news.

Because of all the things I have worked through in the past, I believe I have the skill set required for this job.

Example answer #3 (Focus on your personality and ethics)

I am a very empathetic person who has great communication skills.

I try to put myself in the shoes of the patient and their families and find a way to relate to them in that way.

When working as a nurse, I think it is essential to appreciate and respect every person you come in contact with because they are in the office for help, and it is my job to help them, understand them, and listen.

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Example answer #4 (Focus on your skills)

From elementary school, high school, and through college, I have always been a very hard worker.

I like to challenge myself every day and push through any situations put in front of me.

I am also very organized and require a clean and tidy space to work efficiently.

I make sure to take care of my stuff and ensure everything I use is easy to locate for the next person to find.

I also believe communication is key to an effective team and a peaceful workspace.

I always like to make sure everyone is on the same page at the beginning of each day, so the rest of the day goes as smoothly as possible.

Example answer #5 (Focus on your strengths)

I feel I would make a great addition to your team because I can work on my own and am comfortable and confident enough in myself to perform daily duties without the need for assistance.

However, I am also a team player and believe communication between all employees is critical.

I have always been able to gain the trust of my patients, and I make sure they know I am always ready to listen, help, and be there when they need me.

I think having a good relationship with your patients is ideal for the best treatment and services possible, and I enjoy getting to know each person I work with.

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How to Answer What Can You Bring to Our Team Nursing Interview Question?

In the text above, we listed five great ways to answer the “What can you bring to the team?” nursing interview question.

If none of the answers provided fit, try a combination of them, or come up with one that encompasses your true self.

This specific interview question is commonly asked during nursing interviews, so ensure you take the time to think about it,

Practice your answers repeatedly so you can sound confident and professional, making you the best candidate they have.

Remember, the key factors to great answers include:

  • Your education
  • Your experience
  • Your personality and ethics
  • Your skills
  • Your strengths

While in the interview, hold your head up high, dress for success, and sell yourself.

Employers what to see a strong, confident, and easy to get along with person, thus ensuring you can handle uncomfortable situations and are prepared to tackle anything that comes your way.

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If you struggle to answer questions on the spot, it may give the impression you will struggle to make decisions at a moment’s notice.

Conclusion: Nursing Interview What Can You Bring to the Team

If you have an upcoming nursing interview, make sure you are prepared for any question that comes your way.

One of the most commonly asked questions is “What can you bring to our team?”. Practicing your best answer is key to landing the job.

Good luck with your upcoming nursing interview!

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