What Is the Role of a Nurse Interview Question

What is the role of a nurse interview question

What is the role of a nurse? This question will look a lot different depending on who you ask.

A nurse wears many hats no matter which type of health facility they work for and can be many things to many people depending on the situation and the day.

If you are a nurse getting ready for an upcoming interview, the most important thing you can do to help land the job is to be prepared.

Do your homework, and know the answers before they are even asked.

Walk into the interview room with confidence and pride (I mean, you are a nurse, after all.)

In this article, we have five great example answers to the popular interview question “What is the role of a nurse?”.

Read these answers and see if they spark some truth for you and why you got into the field in the first place. Then use these answers to help formulate and personalize your own.

What Is the Role of a Nurse Interview Question Answers

When you are walking into an interview for a nursing position, it is imperative you go in with well-thought-out answers and responses that will make you stand out amongst the rest.

Below are five example answers that can do just that.

Example answer #1 – A nurse’s role is to be a caretaker

First and foremost, it is a nurse’s job to care for their patients and to ensure they are getting the best treatment and services available.

One role of a nurse you should discuss during a job interview is how they are a key player in the role of a caretaker.

Example answer:

I believe the role of a nurse is summed up as a caretaker.

It is my duty to make sure each patient that I work with daily gets the best treatment, assistance, and guidance possible.

Example answer #2 – A nurse’s role is to be a leader

While everyone may think the doctors are typically in control, the truth is, the nurses are often the ones leading the team and usually the people who have hands-on at all times.

It is important that you portray yourself as a leader who can handle anything that comes your way, including times when you have to be in charge.

Example answer:

I believe the role of a nurse is best described as a leader.

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I am very capable of working alone but can and have stepped up to take charge in serious and high-stress situations. 

Example answer #3 – A nurse’s role is to be a teacher

As a nurse, you are responsible for educating everyone around you, keeping them informed, and helping them to understand everything that is going on at the moment.

This can be:

  • teaching new staff the ropes of the office,
  • educating new nurses on how to do the job right,
  • or educating the patient and their families on health conditions and treatment.

Example answer:

I feel a nurse plays a similar role to their patients as a teacher does to their students.

It is a nurse’s job to inform the patient and their loved ones about their diagnosis, what it entails, what to watch for, and what type of treatment is possible.

I always take the time to listen to my patients, answer all of their questions, and treat them with the same respect and understanding I would with my own family.

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Example answer #4 – A nurse’s role is to be an advocate

Nurses are often seen as a middle man between patients and their physicians.

Many people find it easier to communicate with their nurses, making them the voice of the people they help every day.

It is important to the interviewer to know that the person they hire has the capability and interest to fulfill this role.

Example answer:

I believe the role of a nurse is often times to be an advocate for their patients.

In the past, I have found myself speaking for my patients and ensuring they are being heard.

I feel it is my job to protect my patients, ask important questions, and make sure their needs are taken care of.

Example answer #5 – A nurse’s role is to make changes

Nurses play a huge role in the medical field and are often at the forefront of every healthcare facility out there.

They are the ones who see what is working and what is not.

It is often up to them to say something and do something to make changes where necessary.

These changes can be something as small as the type of bandages being used on patients or as big as the way the office is run.

Employees never want to hear they are going to be undermined by the staff but are happy to know the staff is there to help improve the experience of the patient.

Example answer:

I believe the role of a nurse is to make changes for the better, whether that be in the office or for the patients.

If I notice a patient’s treatment isn’t helping, but they aren’t saying anything, I try to speak up for them.

If I hear complaints about the same things over and over, I tend to try and find the best resolution that will satisfy everyone.

How to Answer “What is the Role of a Nurse?”

When you are preparing for your interview, list all of your strengths and then categorize them.

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Once this is done, determine where you seem to excel the most.

Are you a leader, a teacher, or an advocate?

Then answer the question according to your strongest attributes, and provide examples of why you feel this way based on experiences, education, and personal knowledge.

Conclusion: What Is the Role of a Nurse?

When answering the question “What is the role of a nurse?” you could probably sit there all day and discuss all the ways nurses make a difference.

However, employers like to keep things short and to the point, so being prepared with a quick, thorough, thoughtful, and professional response, is the best way to get your point across.

Best of luck with your upcoming nursing interview!

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