Why Do You Want to Be a Dental Assistant Answers

Why do you want to be a dental assistant

To answer why do you want to be a dental assistant during a job interview, you can say that you love working with and helping people.

Also, say that you have an interest in dentistry as a whole, that you like how the role is both stable and flexible, or because of past positive experiences.

Are you considering starting a new career as a dental assistant?

Maybe you have already put in your application and gotten the first bit of good news, but now you have the next hurdle in the process – the job interview.

What do you answer when you get asked why do you want to be a dental assistant by the interviewer?

Your own personal reasons will likely fit into any of the ones mentioned above, but it can be difficult to put your feelings and subconscious thoughts into words sometimes.

To help you out with this, we have prepared five brief example answers below that you can use verbatim.

All of these are answers that interviewers will be happy with, although you may sound more sincere if you use them as a guideline and tweak them in a way that fits in with your own feelings, thoughts, and history.

For each of the five sample answers, we will also briefly explain how you can expand on them or what their significance is so that you can have an easier time figuring out how relevant they are to your own personal reasons.

Why Do You Want to Be a Dental Assistant Answers

“I love working with lots of different people, and I get satisfaction out of helping them maintain good oral health.”

This is a good social answer that will let the interviewer know that you get along fairly easily with people.

This is important since you will be interacting with not just the team at the dental office, but also a revolving door of clients every day.

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Adding in part about also enjoying helping people with their health rather than simply being around them subtly lets the interviewer know that you do have interest, knowledge, or both in the field.

This can be important because even as an assistant, dentistry is a pretty technical field, and the office will want staff that is competent rather than just friendly.

“I am interested in dentistry, and working as a dental assistant would give me a great opportunity to learn more about the field and possibly follow through with a career progression within it.”

You may already be interested in becoming a dentist or taking a role at a similarly high level down the line, in which case, this answer will hit home.

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After all, working as a dental assistant will allow you to gather a lot of insider knowledge and valuable experience, all while you are getting paid.

If you have reservations about using this answer because you thought it would make the interviewers think that you are self-serving or exploiting them, don’t.

A job candidate being interested in long-term career progression is just as good for them as it is for you.

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“I love the idea of working in dentistry (or the healthcare field), but I am not able to commit to the time and money needed to qualify as a dentist. This job is the perfect solution.”

This answer is almost an inversion of the previous one, but it is an equally good way to answer the question of why you want to be a dental assistant.

A role as an assistant is not any less noble than a role as a dentist since both are necessary for the smooth functioning of the dental office.

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Your interviewer will not be surprised to learn that you feel that dental school is not easy to put yourself through.

Both this answer and the previous one demonstrate that even though your career choice is primarily for your benefit, you are still interested in the field of dentistry and not just the paycheck.

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“I like the fact that working as a dental assistant is both very stable and a role that gives me good flexibility and predictability in my working hours.”

This answer is more pragmatic, but the interviewer will likely understand why you favor these reasons.

Working as a dental assistant is suitable for your weekends, getting the kind of time off that you need, and keeping you safe from getting laid off during economic downturns.

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If you think that your interviewer might be looking for a more emotive answer, it is a good idea to pair this answer with one of the others on the list.

That way, you can still be sincere in your reasoning, but you do not risk coming off as too clinical or calculating.

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“I had a great experience with a dental assistant when I was younger. I was terrified about the procedure, but the assistant made me feel comfortable and cared for, which got me through it. I want to do the same for others.”

This is the most personal and emotion-based reason you can give when you are asked why do you want to be a dental assistant in an interview.

Although this answer is more focused on the social side of the role rather than the technical side, it still demonstrates a passion for being a dental assistant specifically, which makes up for it.

A similar variant of this answer is to talk about a family member, friend, or acquaintance whom you look up to who is a dental assistant and who has inspired you to join the career.

This demonstrates the same very personal passion for the role.

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Conclusion: Why Do I Want to Be a Dental Assistant

We have looked at five example answers you can give when asked why you want to be a dental assistant at a job interview.

One or more of these may be ringing true for you and using these will get you good results when it is your turn to answer the question.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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