Why Should We Hire You Dental Assistant Answers

Why should we hire you dental assistant answers

One of the more common dental assistant interview questions is “Why should we hire you?”.

The question aims to seek out the distinct qualities of applicants, such as a particular qualification, experience level, etc.

When answering this question, applicants should focus on their:

  • specific and unique dental experiences,
  • qualities that align with the dental practice’s values,
  • and motivation for stepping into this role.

Because this question is so commonly asked in job interviews, we’ve compiled a list of five example answers that you can study.

While these example answers aren’t intended to be copied verbatim, they are good starting points when it comes to the kinds of answers that employers are looking for in interviews.

Below, we’ll share these example answers, along with details about their relevance in the dental job interview process.

Afterward, we’ll give some tips on how to conduct yourself when answering this particular question.

You’ll learn how to craft your answer and tailor it to your own career.

Answering this question is a chance to brag a bit about yourself in a job interview, as this is your one chance to shine.

Keep reading along as we share the details, and stick around to the very end!

Why Should We Hire You Dental Assistant Answers 

The five “Why should we hire you?” dental assistant example answers below are more unique ways of answering this interview question.

They touch on skills or abilities that can make a candidate stand out, and they show genuine interest in the position.

These things are all valuable to potential employers.

Highlight your best skills

There are a few ways this answer could go:

I am a skilled communicator, personable with patients, certified in x-rays, and open to learning new things. 

I have the motivation to be a great assistant due to my passion for dental work, as well as my confident communication and professional style.

You should hire me because I have the versatile skill set needed for the job – from administrative tasks to patient preparation, technical dental tasks, and more.

Highlighting your skills is a good way to answer this question, especially if you point out qualities that may not be apparent on your resume.

You can even give examples of these skills by sharing professional anecdotes.

Highlight your interest in the practice

Another way to approach this question is to make your goals relevant to the dental practice you’re applying to. 

For example, you might answer:

I have long been interested in working at this dental practice because of the high-quality and memorable patient care I received here in the past.

I want to be a part of a practice with these qualities, and I feel that my presence would positively add to it.

The interviewer may take note of your specific interest in their practice.

It may even set you apart from applicants with less personal interest who are applying to practices all over the state or country.

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Talk about your goals

You might also use this interview question to discuss your professional goals and the next steps in your dental career.

An answer like this would be:

You should hire me to be your dental assistant because I am ready and fully prepared to take my dental career to the next level.

I am eager to learn the ins and outs of practice as I work towards being a dentist myself one day.

This type of answer shows the interviewer that you have ambition and potential, in addition to the skills and experience you already have to show for yourself.

It makes you appear as someone in it in the long run.

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Cite your past employers’ impressions of you

You probably already had to submit letters of reference from previous employers speaking to your competency.

But you might consider using this interview question to talk about specific examples of working with dentists in the past.

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You might say, for example:

I built a great professional rapport with the last dentist that supervised me.

Under her direction, I was able to learn a lot that I am proud to carry with me into my next dental position.

Answering in this manner shows that you have the potential to be successful as a member of a team in your new role.

Present yourself as a go-getter

Sometimes, employers are looking for qualities in applicants such as great motivation, strong work ethic, and ambition. 

You might answer this interview question as such: 

Since graduating from college last year, I have been working non-stop to prepare for my dental career.

I have just received my radiation certification, and in one month, I will have my dental practice computer software certification as well.

I only intend to expand my horizons, and I think that open-mindedness could benefit this practice.

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You as a Dental Assistant?

When you’re asked this specific question in interviews, it’s important to make every word count.

Don’t merely rely on resume talking points such as your alma mater, degree level, or interest in dental work when you were younger.

These ideas are going to come across as dull or standard in a dental assistant job interview.

Instead, your interview will benefit from unique, personalized answers that make you appear as someone who can come in and improve the dental practice in some way.

Here are some tips to help guide your answers:

  • Use real-life anecdotes from your past jobs in dentistry.
  • Show that you know how the job works by talking about your favorite parts.
  • Focus on the things you like about the dental practice you’re applying to.
  • Show confidence when you answer.

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Conclusion: Why Should We Hire You as a Dental Assistant

At some point in your job interview, you may be asked, “Why should we hire you?”.

If you want to stand out among other dental assistant candidates, make sure to focus on your:

  • unique skills,
  • goals,
  • ambitions,
  • and motivations.

Answering with confidence and honesty regarding the job will significantly improve your chances of having a successful interview.

Good luck with your dental assistant interview!

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