7 Oncology Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Oncology medical assistant interview questions

Are you interested in becoming an oncology medical assistant? Then you would have to prepare the answers to quite a few interview questions.

Some of the most common oncology medical assistant interview questions include:

  • general questions about you and your qualifications,
  • field-specific questions (for example, about chemotherapy),
  • and situational questions during which you will be asked to either imagine a situation or share your experience.

Learn more about what questions to expect and how exactly the interviewer wants you to answer them.

Oncology Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. What skills should an oncology medical assistant possess?

This is a great opportunity to mention your strongest skills and explain how they are going to help you in your future job.

Sample answer:

Excellent communication skills are a must as well as empathetic skills.

The patients might feel sad, depressed, frustrated, or scared, and my mission is to make the whole process a little easier for them.

Oncology medical assistants should be able to provide not only thorough answers to the patients’ questions but also support.

Organizational skills are also incredibly important in this field as keeping track of the procedures and medications is vitally important.

2. Describe the relationship between an oncology medical assistant and an oncologist.

If you do have experience working in such an environment, use your answer to make it clear in one of these oncology medical assistant interview questions.

The hiring manager would be glad to find someone familiar with the organizational culture.

Sample answer:

To maintain a good relationship, both the oncology medical assistant and the oncologist should be able to effectively communicate with each other.

I believe that the main role of the assistant is to do everything required to enhance the physician-patient relationship.

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3. How often do you perform checks of medical equipment?

The interviewer wants to find a medical assistant who is going to be attentive to details.

Provide an example of a time when you had to perform a routine check of the equipment and go through all the steps that you take to ensure that all equipment is clean and in good operating condition.

Sample answer:

I check the medical equipment every day to make sure all computer systems are working and that there are no loose or damaged wires.

I ensure the exam rooms are stocked with instruments and supplies and that they are clean before, during, and after the examination.

If I notice that something is out of order, I will immediately notify my supervisor, so that we can deal with the issue in the shortest timeframe.

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4. Describe a situation when you had to provide emotional support to the patient.

Let the interviewer know that you are capable of showing support and compassion.

You understand that the patients and their families are going through a hard (if not the hardest) time of their lives, and you’re willing to do everything in your power to make them feel a bit better.

Make sure to provide a specific example of such a situation when answering this type of oncology medical assistant interview questions.

Sample answer:

Patients diagnosed with cancer often suffer from anxiety, that’s why I constantly monitor the body language of the people around me.

Once I noticed that a patient was sweating, trembling, and having trouble breathing.

I calmly approached the woman and asked her if she would like to share her concerns with me.

While maintaining eye contact, I attentively listened to what the patient had to say.

I answered the basic questions that she had and asked her if she wanted to talk to other people that had cancer.

The patient liked the idea and I provided her with the necessary information about the support groups.

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5. What’s your experience with administering different types of chemotherapy?

Make sure to carefully read the job description before your interview.

If it didn’t mention a specific type of chemotherapy used, then the facility is, most likely, working with all types.

When answering, point out that medical assistants are not legally authorized to administer chemotherapy, unless they have the training and education required.

Sample answer:

Chemotherapy has to be administered only by a qualified physician, a registered nurse, an advanced practice nurse, or a qualified physician assistant.

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(in case you are qualified) I do know that it would take longer to administer certain types of chemotherapy. With that being said, I always make sure that the patient receives the necessary treatment.

(in case you’re not qualified) I am willing to undergo any additional training that might be required for my position.

6. Have you ever worked with patients who spoke a different language?

A lot of facilities serve a diverse population.

If you don’t speak a second language, point out that you’re willing to learn or at least pick up a few important phrases that will help improve patient care.

Sample answer:

I only once had to interact with a patient who spoke Spanish.

Even though the situation was a bit challenging, I remained calm and maintained eye contact.

We used an online translation tool that did help us understand each other.

I am sure that I would be able to interact with non-English speaking patients in the future as I figured out that patience in such situations is key.

With that being said, I’m open to learning a new language if that is going to enhance the assistant-patient experience.

7. You noticed that you’ve made a mistake in administering treatment. What will you do?

Explain that you can take responsibility for your mistakes.

Mention that you’re also able to learn from them and make the necessary adjustments.

Sample answer:

Once I realize that I made a mistake, I will immediately inform my supervisor.

I will apologize to my colleagues and the patient if the mistake affected them.

It is also important to explain what steps I will be taking from now on, to never repeat such a mistake ever again.

Conclusion: Interview Questions for Oncology Medical Assistants

Oncology medical assistant interview questions would, of course, mainly revolve around the topic of cancer.

The interviewer certainly wants you to possess professional knowledge and skills, but you should also not forget to explain why you are interested in working specifically with cancer patients.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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