7 Pediatric Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Pediatric medical assistant interview questions

Pediatric Medical Assistants (PMAs) help pediatricians and other doctors who specialize in treating children under the age of 18.

Aside from technical skills like preparing equipment and giving vaccines, they also need good organizational and interpersonal skills because they handle patient records and often have to soothe kids who are in the waiting room.

That is why pediatric medical assistant interview questions will check for hard skills, soft skills, and specific questions related to the clinic’s culture and needs.

These reveal whether a person not only has the necessary training and experience, but also the right personality for working with children.

Types of Pediatric Medical Assistant Interview Questions

The first round of interviews may be conducted by the facility’s HR director, which checks for hard skills and basic qualifications.

The second round then assesses soft skills and cultural fit.

Hard skills

  • Educational training and background
  • Certifications
  • Prior experience in administrative and office tasks
  • Prior experience in pediatric medical software and technology
  • Prior experience in handling medical equipment and supplies
  • Awareness of proper medical procedures, such as taking vital signs

Soft skills

  • Ability to deal with children of different ages  
  • Communication
  • Time management and ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Stress management
  • Flexibility regarding work schedules

Pediatric Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common pediatric medical assistant interview questions and how to answer them.

1. What training, licenses, and certifications have you received?

Employers will want to verify if you have completed coursework or received an associate’s degree in Medical Assisting, or received any on-the-job training.

Certification and licenses are not required but are usually encouraged.

Example answer:

I completed my Medical Assistant program at my community college and served as an intern where I shadowed other assistants in a pediatrician’s clinic.

While I haven’t been able to get official certification, I am preparing to take the exam soon.

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2. Do you know how to use medical software such as electronic health records?

Employers will check if you are familiar with the technology that is used to track patient records and appointments, as well as your overall computer literacy.

Example answer:

In my previous work, I used the electronic health records system to input patient information and history into a centralized database and set up follow-up check-ups.

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3. What do you need to do during a patient’s physical exam?

This question helps establish your familiarity with proper medical protocols during a check-up.

Example answer:

First, I would check the patient’s temperature.

Second, I would note down their pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Finally, I would look at their skin for rashes and other unusual discoloration.

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4. What would you do if a child is crying because he doesn’t want an injection or x-ray?

This is one of the most common pediatric medical assistant interview questions because it shows how you build rapport with patients and your experience in dealing with situations that often happen in pediatric clinics.

Variations may include asking how you will handle a crying and fussy baby, or a toddler who is throwing a tantrum because he is bored from being in a clinic.

Make a list of typical clinic scenarios and how you would describe your response.

Example answer:

Children are often afraid of unfamiliar situations.

I would calm the child with a soothing voice, and try to use toys or books to explain the procedure.

I would also reassure the child that his parent/caregiver will be there, and then promise a reward like a sticker or a lollipop after it is done.

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5. How would you manage children with special needs?

Some clinics specialize in treating certain types of medical conditions.

For example, a developmental pediatrician will primarily work with children with special needs, while a pediatric oncologist will mean that many patients are critically ill and are in the hospital often.

You need to prepare yourself for interview questions that are relevant to the clinic’s specific patient profiles.

Example answer:

In the last clinic I worked for, I helped pediatricians who treated children with ADHD and autism.

The daily interactions with these children helped me learn to anticipate and manage possible triggers such as loud noises or large crowds.

So, I scheduled their appointments during quiet clinic hours.

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6. What qualities do you think a pediatric medical assistant needs?

This open-ended question helps reveal your personality and your affinity for the job.

While answering it, you can also give examples of showing these traits.

Example answer:

I think every pediatric medical assistant needs to be patient and compassionate.

Children are uncomfortable and scared when they are sick, and their parents must be very worried and tired too.

I can help create a comforting atmosphere by being calm, listening to their needs, and responding to these needs as efficiently and sincerely as possible.

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7. How would you encourage patients to quickly complete their appointment to improve wait times?

This question helps show your organizational skills, and whether you can be proactive when dealing with a problem (such as an overcrowded clinic).

Example answer:

For scheduled appointments, I tell parents to bring their child’s medical records and prepare lab results.

I also optimize their time in the waiting room by getting their vitals ahead and readying their files.

This shortens consultation time because no time is wasted looking for information.

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Pediatric Medical Assistants

Pediatric medical assistants play an important role in a clinic’s efficiency and ability to provide efficient yet compassionate customer care.

The interview questions reveal how you are able to do the job well and why you have the skills and the sensitivity needed for this job.

By preparing yourself for the interview, and thinking of answers that are short but concrete, you show that you are the best candidate.

This is especially important if you may not have completed certifications or licenses, but want to show that you have strong potential and a passion for the job.

For many clinics, this can be the deciding factor in choosing the right candidate.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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