5 Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Medical assistant interview questions

When interviewing for a position as a certified medical assistant, there are some common questions that you can almost always expect to be asked by the employer.

These include questions about your goals, your experience, and of course, your skills and weaknesses.

This article will highlight five of the most common medical assistant interview questions you can anticipate.

It’s common for the interviewer to ask you about past experiences with difficult situations or patients.

It’s also common to be asked how you typically approach stressful situations and workplace problems.

These questions, such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” are crucial opportunities to prove yourself and your skillset to the employer.

Keep reading as we explore possible answers to these questions and share insights into how to best prepare for your interview.

We’ll also provide some sample questions you should ask the employer if given a chance. Let’s get into it.

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Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Most employers will want to learn about your future goals, current skills, and past experiences when they interview you.

These are the questions likely to be asked during the medical assistant interview:

1. Can you describe a difficult work situation you had in the past and how you handled it?

This is a common interview question because it gives the employer insight into how well (or not) you work under pressure.

Interviewers also use this question to learn about potential workplace weaknesses you might bring to the table, as well as skills.

Example answer:

At my old clinic, I had to balance clerical work with patient work, which at one point led to long wait times for patients.

I assessed the situation and communicated the time management issue with my coworkers.

We soon came to a conclusion about dividing up the work so that everything could get done in a timely manner.

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2. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This may seem like a trick question, but you must be honest.

Employers want to know your intentions and goals going into the job and whether or not you’d potentially be committed to the company as a long-term employee.

Example answer:

In 5 years, I would like to be working here full-time in a position with greater responsibilities and newfound experience under my belt.

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3. Do you consider yourself a good team player?

Even though you’re interviewing for an individual position, you will have coworkers and providers you answer to and deal with daily.

A medical office relies on solid communication and teamwork to make everyone happy.

Example answer:

I consider myself an ideal team player, owing to my experience working in medical environments where my coworkers and I would frequently adapt to the ebb and flow of each other’s responsibilities. 

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4. What would you do in a situation with an unhappy patient?

This situation is similar to the question about cases of increased workplace pressure.

It helps employers learn firsthand how you handle stress and your experience dealing with patients.

Example answer:

In the past, I could tell that a child patient was scared and unhappy about having to get a vaccine.

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I shared my experience getting vaccines with him, how quickly it went, and how fun it was to receive a sticker afterward.

Once he calmed down enough to agree, I used the friendly conversation to distract him during the vaccine, and he was happily surprised at how fast it was over.

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5. Why do you want to work here specifically?

This question is a vital part of proving yourself in an interview.

Employers want to know whether you’re dedicated to the company and have learned anything about them and their values beforehand.

Example answer: 

Knowing about the company’s mission statement and values of honesty and service attracted me to this position.

I desire to be a part of a work environment that places those ideas at the forefront, creating opportunities to grow professionally.

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How to Prepare for a Medical Assistant Interview?

Preparing for a medical assistant interview requires you not only to rehearse potential questions and answers but also need to do your research.

Take time to learn about the company and its principal values, ensuring that your interest in the job aligns with those things.

You also want to consider why you want the job and how your specific skills and experiences can be valuable assets to the company.

Prepare yourself for awkward silences and moments where you might have to speak about your weaknesses, as these can be opportunities to express your intention for growth.

And last but not least, be sure to prepare with an appropriate outfit, and bring polite yet direct communication to the table when the time comes.

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Medical Assistant Interview Questions to Ask Employer 

At the end of your medical assistant interview, the employer will likely ask if you have any questions for them.

This is an excellent opportunity to show interest in the position and clear up any uncertainties about the potential job.

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Here are examples of medical assistant interview questions to ask the employer:

  • What is the typical patient load per day?
  • What are you looking for in a medical assistant?
  • How long does it usually take for a new medical assistant to overcome the learning curve at this clinic?
  • What is the medical assistant-to-provider structure like?
  • What is a typical day like?
  • Does there tend to be a surplus of clerical work here?

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Conclusion: Interview Questions for Medical Assistants

Hopefully, our guide to medical assistant interview questions has given you a decent idea of the questions you might be asked on the interview day.

Use our example answers merely as guideposts to inspire your answers that should be personal to your skills and experiences.

Lastly, ensure you take ample time to prepare for your interview beforehand.

And always ask the employer valuable questions before you exit the interview.

Good luck with your upcoming medical assistant interview!

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