Tell Me About Yourself Nursing Interview Examples

Tell me about yourself nursing interview

One of the most popular ways employers tend to start an interview with potential employees is with the phrase “Tell me about yourself”.

This can be a great way to impress the employer before any specific questions are even asked. 

Use this time to talk about your:

  • skills,
  • education,
  • work history,
  • and success stories.

Talk about the reasons you became a nurse and what it is about this particular company that will help you succeed in your journey.

When an employer asks you to talk about yourself, it gives you center stage to highlight all of the reasons you are the best candidate for the job and how you would make a better fit than all the rest.

Tell Me About Yourself Nursing Interview Answers

When an employer asks for you to talk about yourself during an interview, they are typically looking for the reasons why they should hire you, not because they want to hear all about your life. 

Below is a list of five great ways to answer this question without going steering yourself off track. 

1. Talk about your employment history

A great place to start when telling an employer about yourself is to start with your experiences in the profession and what led you to where you are today.

Example answer:

I started working in the nursing field about ten years ago in my local hospital at the time.

There I gained tons of experience quickly due to an increased need in healthcare at the time and an overload of patients coming through the doors.

After four years of ER work, I was transferred to the maternity ward, where things were much calmer but required a whole new set of skills.

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Recently I was transferred to the cardiac center, where I was able to learn how to read EKGs, monitor stress tests, and picked up other great tools along the way.

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2. Talk about your educational background

Take this time to talk about your education and what prepared you for the world of nursing.

Include any certificates, outside training, and extra courses or classes you have taken since becoming a nurse.

Example answer:

I finished nursing school at NYU in 2015 and went straight into working for my local hospice center.

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It was then I realized I needed more training to understand end-of-life care better and how to emotionally and mentally deal with the process, so I took some extra courses like family support and pain management.

3. Talk about your strengths as a nurse

Employers want to see that you are confident in your skills and would do well in this position.

In this answer, talk about the areas in which you currently excel as a nurse.

Example answer:

I am currently working in a neurologist’s office, dealing with people who are suffering from all levels of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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This experience has given me time to develop strength in my communication skills and organizational skills in the workplace.

When you are working with patients who have a hard time remembering things, you have to have the ability to handle all different types of behaviors, attitudes, and family members with a variety of emotions.

You also have to teach these patients and their loved ones different ways to keep medications, and daily life organized.

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4. Talk about your core values

Who are you as a person after working in the healthcare field?

Talk to the employer about your core values as a nurse and what you believe makes you fit for any nursing position.

Example answer:

Working as a nurse over the last 15 years has given me a lot of time to develop values and behaviors that make working within the healthcare field much more powerful and help the process move forward much smoother.

I have become much more compassionate towards my patients, even the ones with not-so-great attitudes.

I have a much better understanding of the importance of human dignity and can easily notice when a patient is being mistreated or beginning to feel uncomfortable.

I also realized how important trust is, which is why earning a patient and their families trust is one of the first things I try to do when working with anyone on any level.

5. Talk about why you became a nurse in the first place

Without going into too much personal detail, explain what it was that made you want to become a nurse and why you are still in the field.

Example answer:

I decided to become a nurse when I was still in high school.

During my summers, I volunteered at the local hospital and watched other people caring for patients, putting smiles on their faces, and giving even the worst cases a sense of hope.

I wanted to be that person.

I worked hard throughout college and couldn’t wait to jump right into the workforce.

I am still learning today, but I feel I have made a difference in many people’s lives, and I look forward to continuing to help others and bring some positivity to the community.

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How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself Nursing Interview Question?

Plan your answer ahead of time when answering the “Tell me about yourself” nursing interview question.

Consider the bigger picture and add it to your answer:

  • why do you want this position,
  • what makes you a good fit for the position,
  • and what positive traits, skills, or values do you possess that will make you stand out?

Take a little time to practice your answers before the interview so you sound confident and on point.

Conclusion: Tell Me About Yourself Nursing Interview

When you go into an interview for a nursing position, you must have your answers planned out.

Give the employer the impression you are the most qualified option for the role.

One of the best ways to do this is by practicing your interview questions and knowing what to say before you even walk into the room.

Good luck with your upcoming nursing interview!

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