5 Best Medical Receptionist Interview Questions

Medical receptionist interview questions

Are you preparing for a medical receptionist interview? Here are the main things that you should know before heading straight to the interview.

Practically all medical receptionist interview questions can be divided into the following categories:

  • general questions about you,
  • questions about your medical background and experience,
  • and more in-depth or situational questions.

Below you will find a few examples of the questions and the example answers for each question.

Medical Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

1. How will you create a self-motivating work environment?

You might want to challenge the question and say that you don’t think of the job as a routine as you would have to deal with different people every day.

Make sure to show that you can find a meaningful purpose even in simple day-to-day tasks. The nature of the job is quite repetitive.

You would have to deal with the same tasks pretty much every day and the interviewer wants to find out how you’ll be able to handle the boredom without burning out.

Example answer:

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them.

These interactions and the satisfaction that I get from making the lives of other people better are the main things that will keep me motivated.

I might have to complete a few repetitive tasks throughout the day, but I like to try and find more effective ways to do my job.

For example, once I proposed a new scheduling system that the management approved and the staff found to be extremely useful.

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2. Describe a time when you had a conflict at work.

Stay positive when describing the situation and highlight your professionalism by mentioning your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

This is one of the most common medical receptionist interview questions. The interviewer wants to know how you’ll handle a difficult situation.

Usually, the hiring manager would specify the question and ask you either about a conflict with a patient or a dispute with your coworkers.

Example answer:

Once a patient mixed up the days and came a day earlier on her appointment.

She insisted that it was our fault and that she had written the correct date in her calendar.

The patient also lived a long drive away and she didn’t feel happy about having to drive back and forth.

I checked the schedule and found a free timeslot.

Of course, the patient was not thrilled about having to wait for a few hours, but she did compromise.

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Example answer:

I discovered new and more efficient scheduling software and wanted to show the find to my colleague, but he didn’t listen to me.

That did cause some tension, but I decided not to escalate the situation.

A few days later, I approached my colleague again and explained how the software would be beneficial for both of us.

This time, he agreed with me and we presented the idea to the manager together.

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3. How will you protect the confidentiality rights of the patients?

Medical privacy is an extremely important aspect of your future job.

Explain that you take this part of the job seriously and describe how exactly you’re going to implement the security and privacy practices.

Example answer:

I make sure that the patients fill out the HIPAA forms.

When anyone would ask for information about a specific patient, I would first make sure that their name is included in the paperwork.

I understand how important it is to keep the records up-to-date.

This helps make sure that confidential and sensitive information is not revealed to the wrong person.

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4. Will you be able to make debt collection calls?

Making debt collection calls is a challenging and unwanted part of the job.

The interviewer wants to see that you’re willing to deal even with such tasks and that you can handle various stressful situations.

If you have never made such calls before, don’t be afraid to mention that in the interview.

Simply let the hiring manager know that you are ready to learn the necessary skills.

Example answer:

I’m comfortable making such calls.

I know that this is a sensitive topic for some patients and they can become hostile when I call them.

In such situations, I choose to stay professional and calm, but, at the same time, I’m ready to show the patients empathy.

I can go through a few problem-solving steps with them and if I wasn’t able to help, I’ll direct the patient to an outside source (an insurance agency, for example).

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5. What will make you a great medical receptionist?

Such general questions are the perfect opportunity to talk about your strengths and accomplishments.

Simply make sure that everything you mention is correlated to the job’s requirements.

Example answer:

I have superb communication and organizational skills and I’m great at multitasking.

I am passionate about my job as I’m an empathetic person who is going to try and do everything possible to solve the patients’ problems and make their day a bit better.

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How to Prepare for Medical Receptionist Job Interview Questions?

Simply go through the most common medical receptionist interview questions and come up with the answers.

You might want to write the answer down or practice what you’re going to say in front of the mirror.

This will help you feel a bit more confident during the actual interview.

Don’t forget to carefully review the job description and find out more information about the company.

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Medical Receptionist Interview Questions to Ask Employer

  • If you were to hire me, what could my typical workday look like?
  • When the medical staff comes to you with conflicts, how do you respond?
  • Is there anything else I should clarify to help you with your decision?
  • What are the main challenges of the position?
  • Is there anything that we haven’t covered that you think might be important to know about working here?

Conclusion: Interview Questions for Medical Receptionists

These were a few examples of the most common medical office receptionist interview questions.

To nail your interview prepare the answers in advance, speak clearly, show that you’re interested and enthusiastic, and don’t be afraid to ask a couple of your own questions at the end.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

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